Baffled by blogging? Hints and tips for a brilliant blog

Last edited 17 November, 2022
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Businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links. To make sure your blogs are working hard for you, just follow these simple steps:

1)    Tell a story – Blogging is all about story telling, people want to know how things started, what happened and where they are now. This is particularly valuable for case studies on how you or your business has helped another. Telling your story will make your content unique.

2)    Inform – Blogs are not only a great place to tell your story, many readers use them for quick relevant information which leads on to our next point…

3)    Keep it quick – Blogs are not articles, they’re blogs. Many fail to keep them short and sweet losing readers before you can hit them with a call to action at the end

4)    Add value – Give your readers a reason – no one likes/follows or reads if they have no reason to, whether you’re informing your clients of news or services or giving them a great read with helpful tips, it’s vital they’re not left cold by pedestrian pros.

5)    Quality is key – Take the time to create quality content that resonates with your reader’s needs and interests. Make sure you’re not sending them to sleep with rushed content that doesn’t inform or add value.

We can support you in shaping your social media content to make sure you’re getting the best out of your blogs, talk to us.

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EDGE routinely feature guest blogs written by key industry professionals covering a wide variety of topics. Their insight is crucial to our development as a marketing agency and helps us learn about and adapt to new industries, ideals, and business practices. The partnership we have with our guest authors helps us both grow side-by-side and brings a fresh perspective on topics both old and new.