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Last edited 17 November, 2022
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It’s good to reach out and thank your clients or customers, or to share with them the great year you and your team have had. If you need a little magical inspiration, here’s our quick guide to add a little sparkle into your Christmas marketing!

  1. Say seasonal greetings with a traditional branded Christmas Card!

Say Merry Christmas to your clients or customers with a Christmas card, this is a traditional way to say thank you and make your clients feel valued. And if you’d like to go the extra mile with signing them off personally, is a thoughtful gesture. Attention to detail can go a long way and it’s cost-effective too!

  1. Go digital with an animated e-card!

If you’re looking for something more modern, an animated e-card could be just that! You can send out at a dynamic e-card via email to your database, that features a personal message. Another benefit to this is that it’s an environmentally friendly way to send out a Christmas card to your clients or customers. Going digital is the way to go.

  1. The season of giving with a branded gift such as a bottle of Wine or Spirit!

If you feel like you need to send something a little special to your clients, customer or staff, sending out a bespoke bottle of wine, gin or whisky could be just the trick. You could even go further with a branded gift box. This is a great way to represent your brand as unique, thoughtful and generous.

  1. Adding festive cheer to your social media channels

It’s a great idea to add some Christmas themed branded content to your social media calendar. Mix the content in with your normal content, and it will add a little bit of Christmas cheer to your channels. You could even introduce a character, like this year we have featured our Snowman into the EDGE social media content. By implementing a cute character, it can make content a little more memorable.

  1. Showcase the year you and your company has had.

By creating a short video highlighting a year at your company, showcasing the key moments throughout the year, finishing it off with a company team message. It’s an effective way of showing your clients the success you’ve had and the things that are to come in the new year.  Bring 2017 to a happy end ready for the new year.

  1. Go big with a Christmas Event.

It’s not too late to start organising your Christmas event, put on an event with an elegant Christmas theme and great entertainment. Putting something together that really shows your clients, customer or staff they are valued.

To find out more about what we could add to your Christmas marketing or to plan head and get ready for 2018 call us 0121 355 8092 or email us on


Louise Panayides

Creative Director

With a huge ambition to set up her own agency since the age of 18, Creative Director Louise founded EDGE Creative in 2004. Louise has been driven by her creative flair from the beginning, with a passion for building brands from the ground up.

Louise loves developing relationships with people and understanding the driving forces behind the clients we engage with. Marketing never loses its excitement for Louise, and she is proud to have developed such an excellent company culture. Fuelled by creative ideas and very strong cups of coffee, Louise’s life is enriched by music, her puppy Luna and getting outside for hiking, photography, and travelling to her favourite place in the world – Montenegro!