Bolt of Lightning: The Anthem – 3rd Highest New Entrant in Club Charts

Last edited 28 February, 2023
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Everyone loves the feeling when they see that something that they have made or produced is going well or becomes successful. I mean why wouldn’t you, it’s a great feeling.

Here at EDGE Creative, we like to share that feeling with our clients, and love to see that we are making our clients happy.

Seeing a client do well, also means that we are doing well. Lately, we feel lightning struck and we’ve hit the jackpot . Sunrise Records UK have recently released a song called “Bolt of lightning”. This song ranks four places higher in the charts than Rizzle Kicks. Ranking 24th overall is definitely something to celebrate and  we’re sure that the results will improve.


Radio DJ’s have commented on the track, giving it some great feedback.

GARY CLARK  from the Mushroom in Newcastle said:

“10/10, Love this remix, Best Mix: Ryan Elis Remix”

DJ Nelly B from RMFM in London Said:

“10/10, No doubt will be the POP sound of the summer”


“Huge tune, full support”


If you would like to listen to the song, Here is the link to the youtube channel:

Bolt of Lightning:  The Anthem – Radio Edit

 Bolt of Lightning:  The Anthem – Club Remix

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