Our Top 5 Creative Christmas “Cards”

Last edited 17 November, 2022
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I’m sure at EDGE we are not the only ones that find the process of writing cards and licking envelopes all a little bit tedious.

This year, why not do something different and let your creative juices come out to play this festive season. Get yourself, your family and your friends or even the entire companies office involved!

Videos are a great way to spread well wishes and festive joy, and so easy to share across various social media platforms and email.

They can be simple, complex, sentimental or as hilarious as your heart desires, but either way they are sure to give someone a little bit of joy this Christmas.


Our Top 5 Creative Christmas “Cards”

1. Foster Family, 2012


2. Slade Family, 2011


3. Exum Family, 2011


4. Burns Family, 2009


5. Brushwood Family, 2011


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