EDGE Creative team with Box Connect – A fantastic opportunity

Last edited 14 June, 2022
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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Box Connect. 

We can provide you with a unique telecommunications package perfectly suited to the needs of your business, whilst saving you money on your monthly bills. Using the core BT network and the other leading providers in the UK we can specifically tailor a plan to cover all of your business requirements.

We can guarantee you savings over the standard BT rates even though your lines will stay on the core BT network, which means your service levels will be completely unaffected. You will simply be paying less, in fact, up to 15% less and we can save up to 80% on call charges compared to BT’s standard rates.
To get started with our no obligation analysis and project report please call:

0121 355 8092

or email us info@edgecreativesolutions.com

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