Real time marketing – Who, what, where and WHEN.

Last edited 17 November, 2022
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Brands like Lidl are hot on their real time marketing – find out how they do it, why it’s so effective and how your business can benefit too.

In 2013 during the power outage at the prestigious SuperBowl the quick thinking social media team at the biscuit brand jumped into action producing a post with the single line “Power Out? No problem”

Not only did this make people laugh, but it resonated with a huge audience of frustrated football fans missing their game. As a result, this post hit record breaking heights with 15,000 retweets and more than 20,000 likes on Facebook, much better than spending $4 million to run an advert during the Big Game.

More recently, as a direct response to the uproar that followed the release of the bendy iPhone 6 – KitKat where hot of the mark in producing this snappy and timely post – With one simple statement “We don’t bend we #break”

This tweet smashed the Oreo record out of the water with over 20,000 retweets. Again, the success of this tweet came from not only quick and clever thinking, but also capitalising on the frustration of Apple customers.

Last but not least – A lightening quick response to a Sainsbury’s customer Tweeting this picture directed at the staff of the supermarket giant encouraging them to squeeze an extra 50p out of their customers.

Before Sainsbury’s had a chance to send in the damage control patrol Lidl produced a 50p challenge of their own – not only laughing at their rivals but pledging to save their own customers even more money, encapsulating their USP perfectly.

Social media is a fantastic way to take advantage of real time events that everyone is taking about, sparking both excitement, humour and recognition.

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