The Yes Vote – How will it affect your business?

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On September 18th 2014, Scotland will decide whether it wants to separate from the rest of UK and claim independence. But how will this affect your business and how you market your brand?

There is a lot of political unrest regarding the Yes Vote with many businesses, both large and small, standing against the vote due to economic damage that would be caused by going independent.
“The study, by leading ­independent analysts Oxford Economics, concluded firms were likely to face higher taxes, higher borrowing costs and new barriers to trade if Scotland left the UK.”
Herald Scotland, April 2014

More than a third of Scottish based businesses would contemplate relocating if Scotland were to go independent. This could potentially be difficult for any business that seeks B2B or government sponsorship.
“A total of 36% of firms would consider moving following a Yes vote.”
Huffington post, March 2014

Some Scottish celebrities have taken a very clear decision to voice their political thoughts.
The BBC report that, “Scotland has 007 on its side, or at least the man who played him seven times on screen, Sir Sean Connery.

“Comedians like Frankie Boyle and Brian ‘Limmy’ Limond also want Scotland to go independent.” BBC, March 2014

An article in Third Sector, March 2013, highlights the difficulties charities may face that operate across the border by creating two sub brands that try to appeal to both demographics separate brands.

In the event of Scottish independence, the voluntary sector research consultancy, nfpSynergy, asked approximately 1,000 English and Welsh respondents how likely they would give to a charity that operated in both England and Scotland. Twenty-five per cent said they would be less likely to support a charity that operated partly in Scotland; and an astonishing 48 per cent said they would be less likely to support a charity that worked only in Scotland.

Do you have clients in Scotland or work closely with businesses in that area? Perhaps it’s time to start planning your marketing strategy for an eventuality that separates Scotland from the rest of UK?


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