Top Ten most liked TV ads Rankings of 2012

Last edited 17 November, 2022
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As we welcome in 2013, the common New Year commitments are being drawn up as we promise to ourselves to get rid of that undesirable extra weight from festive feasting, read more books, save more money or redecorate the house. However, it’s important to not forget what has been a very memorable 2012, specifically the lessons businesses can learn from marketing and advertising perspectives.

Below are the top ten TV ads as voted by the British public, based on ‘likeability’ and ‘memorability’ from a sample size of 1.25 million people (Marketing Week, 2012).

What is most prevalent from the majority of these adverts is the creativity that is infused throughout, whether it’s the CGI integration for CompareTheMarket or the fantastic storytelling that has become synonymous with the John Lewis brand, these brands have innovated the way in which they communicate their messages enabling them to stand out from the crowd.

Darren Moor, Nielsen’s VP of advertising effectiveness, highlighted: “Animals have replaced celebrities as the new stars of many of the nation’s favourite TV ads in 2012, and we expect their effectiveness as brand icons and storytellers to continue as a theme next year.”


Creativity is what we as audiences respond to, it’s what resonates with us as human beings and when brands innovate their communication channels well, then that’s when a brand begins to grow positively in the minds of its target audience.

After all in the words of Edward de Bono, “Without it [creativity], we’d forever repeat patterns & stall”.


Take a look at the below adverts and see whether you agree with the rankings.

Top ten most liked TV ads rankings – (Sourced from Marketing Week 2012)

Rank Brand Ad summary Likeability
1 CompareTheMarket   Meerkats give window cleaner Meerkat toy.  205
2 British Heart Foundation   Vinnie Jones hands-only CPR to ‘Staying Alive’.  190
3 Kerrygold Butter   Man tells story about butter guy in Ireland.  186
4 John Lewis


 Man and woman from different eras interact.  176
5 Birds Eye Foods


 Stuffed bear calls woman in freezer about rice.  173
6 Lindt Chocolates


 Chocolates shown being made.  166
7 Andrex Toilet Paper


 Puppies playing to promote guide dogs.  163
8 Thinkbox


 TV reveals dog and rabbit are good friends.  161
9 Carte Noire Coffee


 Husband changes appearance after getting coffee.  161
10 Cathedral City


 Children running home.  158


Consider your current marketing practices, do your messages have the creativity required to be heard?
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