What Twitter’s New Feature Means to Businesses

Last edited 17 November, 2022
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Have you heard the news?

There are a variety of Twitter related buttons that you can already feature on your website, but Twitter is now releasing a new button that offers something a little different…

You can now access and feature a button that takes people to a dialogue, enabling them to send a Direct Message (DM) to your account on Twitter.

It’s already being tested on the customer support accounts of a few different brands, which is an indicator of the feature’s target audience.

Dear agony aunt…

It has been proven through the platform’s popularity that Twitter is a great place to go if you’re in need of any online support or just a general comment about how your day is going! Here at EDGE, we like to believe it’s very much the agony aunt of social platforms currently available.

This new messaging feature however now gives brands a way to funnel the public into a private conversation whilst still being able to communicate with them on a platform they’re already familiar and comfortable with!

Social media wars!

While nearly all of Facebook’s public demographic are using the platform for its private messaging feature, Facebook has recently been pushing for brands and business to chat together too.

Facebook have taken this one step further by redesigning business pages to emphasise the messaging tool as well as integrating chat bots for businesses and much more – now in direct competition with Twitter’s new tool.

For businesses and people who are using both platforms, Twitter trends show that it’s the preferred platform for consumers to make their complaints public and voicing general day to day grumbles, whilst Facebook’s purpose is more swayed towards social chat with friends and family. Whatever the case, both services are rivalling to be the platform of the business world’s choice, as far as business online is concerned!

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