Benefits of Being an EDGE Client

From having access to a talented marketing team that will help you reach your goals and beyond, to having exclusive access to our EDGE networking events – becoming an EDGE client gives you access to new opportunities to expand and explore new lands of growth for your business.

Work With Our Team

Work With Our Skilled Team

In business for more than 18 years, we have developed a team of talented young professionals and industry experts from different backgrounds, focused on delivering the best marketing solutions for your business.

We constantly refresh our methods and strategies through internal and external training exercises and working with young talent in the industry. Our partnerships with apprenticeship companies mean we constantly welcome new professionals hungry to put their fresh knowledge into practice.

The team works closely with our clients to understand their needs, discover their short and long-term goals, then create bespoke strategies to take our clients’ businesses to the next level. Our focus is on building strong relationships that provide transparent communication and leads to a greater understanding.

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Steven and Anthony from Bold IT with Mark celebrating at an EDGE networking event
Karen, Lou, Liane and Eleanor celebrating their success at an EDGE Creative event

We’re An Extension of Your Company

Our clients’ businesses are always in our best interest, and we do everything to help you succeed and become an industry leader in your field. We are an extension of your company and take care of all your marketing activities, support you with continuous business development and organise regular consultations.

We take your business as if it is our own by becoming your ambassador. This means we’ll build your relationships by referring you to our partners and to more businesses, recommending your services and products whenever we get the chance, and encouraging guest blogging to reach new potential leads.

On top of that, we always protect your ideas by working with intellectual property lawyers and nurturing your brand.

Anthony and Steven from Bold IT, Kel, Mark and Cole celebrating at an EDGE networking social event

EDGE Events Are Made for You

Our networking events are far from ordinary and are exclusive for our clients. There’s no better place to network with different industry leaders and grow your business by making great new connections and strengthening old ones, and perhaps starting partnerships. Our clients absolutely love coming to the EDGE Events at award-winning venues, and they always look forward to the next one!

But our events don’t end there! We take our exclusive client events online with Leadership Discussions, too.

Leadership Discussions began in 2020 as an alternative to our face-to-face events during the pandemic and since then, our clients have benefited from discussions on key topics, whilst networking and developing partnerships with other leaders.

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