What 5 credentials can you implement in your credentials document ready for 2023?

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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When developing your credential documents, areas you can developing are:

When the topic of your business credentials comes up, it’s important to know not only what credentials are but what can be done with your document to best advertise yourself for 2023.

What are Credential Documents?

Your credential document should give your potential clients undeniable proof that your business is more than capable of any task that is sent your way. They’re an important part of developing connections with new clients, growing your business relations, and adding strength to your brand’s image.

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As this will be the first major document you send to a potential client, making this first impression a memorable one is essential for the beginnings of a strong connection with your client. Moving this process online using digital assets is a great way to achieve this. PDF documents, QR codes, and website URLs are accessible, much faster than handing over physical copies and this gives your client 24/7 access to your credentials at the press of a button.

Here are five example business credentials we recommend you should include within your credential documents.

1. Case Studies and Client Wins

The best way for a new client to know what to expect from your business is to show previous examples of your work through your business credentials. This can be achieved by using before and after pictures of case studies, or images of your work in action, and giving detailed summaries of how you went from your initial brief to achieving your result. This is your opportunity to show off and drop big names!

Doing this gives an in-depth representation of the work you have achieved, letting your potential clients use your previous work as a guide to what their expectations should be from your business. With this in mind, make sure to showcase your best work and largest clients to make an impact your readers will remember.

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2. Your Step-by-Step Process

Dedicating a part of your business credentials document to explaining the steps your business takes to achieve your client’s end goal will give them much-desired insight into what your process toward a new project is. This gives your clients the opportunity they may need to ask questions, make adjustments, and consider your business as a potential partner, with the rest of the document ready to provide relevant, impactful information on your business.

3. Important Credentials

It’s important for clients to know that you’re well equipped to accomplish the tasks which they need fulfilling, and more importantly that you will accomplish them safely and effectively. Having your credentials at the ready within your business credentials will give your clients peace of mind before, during, and after working alongside your business.

An example credential to add to your document could be becoming a PMP (Project Management Professional) if you’re involved in management. Credentials like this can greatly strengthen your skillset while also advertising the skills you have available for your client.

4. Awards and Certificates

In a similar fashion to showcase your credentials, having your recent awards and certifications throughout your business credentials also offers peace of mind to your clients by expressing your business’ talents in your respective industry. However, they can go one step further toward keeping that sense of relief up to date. Showing you still have the knowledge retained to be able to achieve more recent awards and certificates.

An example award an engineer may include could be the BEEA award (British Engineering Excellence Award) to showcase their talent as an engineer. An award like this is a great way to make potential clients aware of the skills you can bring to the table.

5. Professional Licenses

Another great way of advertising your business’s strengths in its field is to advertise your professional licenses. A professional license is awarded by a state or agency to allow a business to practice their specified profession. Having your licenses advertised on your business credentials showcases your commitment and dedication to your chosen field, which then signals to your client your skillset and capability to back up these licenses.

A strong professional license could be getting your PGDE (Professional Graduate Diploma in Education) as an educator. Getting this license will not only allow you to pursue teaching but give confidence to your clients that you are well equipped for the job.


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