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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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The investment business helps stockholders around the world profit from Asia’s dynamic region, focusing primarily on frontier markets. With staff who are fluent in more than nine languages, InvestAsian can help those wanting to invest in frontier markets understand local culture, and this on-the-ground support ensures that they can always find the best assets.

Although the company usually only work with local specialists, InvestAsian approached us here at EDGE Creative requiring industry-specific brochures promoting one of their specific frontier property funds, Khmer Ventures.

When asked why they approached the Sutton Coldfield based agency instead of sourcing their marketing locally, Reid Kirchenbaur, the Founder and Fund Manager, said that he was impressed with our previous work for similar clients in the finance sector. He wanted an agency that understood the complexities of the financial industry and somewhere that could assist with the creation process of the brochure. As we are an integrated marketing agency, we were able to assist with all aspects of this, including supplying additional services such as copywriting, design, and specialist printing.

The corporate brochure is aimed at prospective clients outside Cambodian borders and must make Khmer Ventures stand out from their competitors while incorporating their history, existing brand InvestAsian, and ethos. After ensuring we understood the needs of our new client, we got to work.

Before beginning on the brochure’s design concept, we took an overview of the brand, looking at their current assets, website and personality. We explored the company’s services in a highly visual and luxurious way, representing their brand story through theme driven imagery and critical graphical data.

At EDGE Creative, we have four key areas of business. We combine strategy with creative, digital, social and networking. For this process, we leaned specifically on their creative and digital sides; the content department focusing on creating unique copy, and the creative team crafting the design, layout and images for the brochure.

The final product was a highly stylised and luxury 12-page, illustrative and intricate brochure that fully explained the history, process, and services of Khmer Ventures for an audience outside of Cambodia without local knowledge. The client was delighted with the outcome, and the brochure was then printed and shipped to Thailand for international distribution.

This is what InvestAsian had to say:

‘EDGE Creative has done an excellent job thus far. Originally, we planned on hiring them simply to create a brochure. Yet they have been able to help us in many other ways such as copywriting, graphic design, and printing. They have worked within our brand guidelines to create visually-stunning and unique marketing materials for us. I would 10/10 recommend EDGE Creative.’

Louise Panayides, EDGE’s Founder and Creative Director said:

‘We were delighted to receive a web enquiry from Cambodia to work with Reid on his international financial based marketing project. As the work was in a core sector of expertise for us, we were able to demonstrate our ability to meet all the objectives to win the contract. It has been a pleasure working with Reid Kirchenbaur and getting to understand the frontier market better. 

On reflection, the project has been a huge success and I am proud to say that as a fully integrated agency we were able to add value along the way by further developing the Khmer Ventures Venture Fund brand through additional services such as copywriting, infographics, specialist print and an interactive PDF. All packaged up and shipped to Thailand on time!’

As an integrated marketing company based in Birmingham, we tailor our services to your individual needs and can deliver a holistic approach to your marketing. Our team of experts use intricate methods, and offer specialist services such as brand development, website optimisation, social platform development, search engine optimisation and content creation – to name a few. If you’re considering outsourcing your marketing, please give us a call on 0121 355 8092 or email


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