Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

Last edited 9 April, 2024
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In this post, we’ll discuss the following:

On any project, collaboration is important. This is especially true when designing and developing a new website.

All companies are structured differently. At EDGE Creative, our designers and developers work closely to streamline the process of building a new website. They do this to provide our clients with the best outcome possible.

Setting Client Goals

The most important task before beginning a website project is developing a clear understanding of your needs. Together, we agree on the website’s main purpose, what it is you want to achieve and how we can attract the target audience to the website.

Wireframes and Site Map

We will then plan the site map and start drawing out the wireframes.

Wireframes are simple layouts that outline the placement and rough size of that specific page. This process is mainly about planning the arrangement of content with the user experience in mind. They ensure that each page on the website has a purpose and achieves the goals set out in the client brief. We do this to create stability and lay down strong foundations surrounding the website.

Finer Design Details

Our designers fine-tune the details of the website project and incorporate logos, imagery and all other aspects of the design.

We are always open to ideas from the development team – especially during this design phase. Developers see things differently to a designer, so having a developer involved ensures that we are looking at the design from a functionality perspective too.


After the designs have been signed off and you are happy that we have hit the brief within the layout of the website, our developers begin to build.

Once finished, we carry out pre-live and post-live checks to ensure nothing has been missed and the website matches the original designs.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

No two people think the same way. This is down to personal taste, preferences and past experiences. For this reason, we remain open and collaborative throughout all projects. Not only this, communication must stay open between our team and you as our client. This ensures our projects stay within budget and we hit the brief perfectly.

From the initial meeting through to the final client presentation, all our meetings include a designer, a developer, an account manager and any other elements which needs to be incorporated into the website, such as a content creator.

All in all, creating an incredible user experience for users requires hard work. When developers and designers collaborate to achieve their projects, the positive outcomes are worth it. If you would like a new website, give us a call on 0121 355 8092 or email to see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Ryan Luckoo

Head of Design

Graphic Designer Ryan applies his extensive design skills and eye for creativity to a huge variety of client projects. Ryan is especially passionate about brand development, as well as working on projects that require his talent for illustration – drawing on inspiration from his many creative influences. As a graphic designer at EDGE Creative, Ryan has been able to develop his skills and create interesting and thought-provoking designs that stand out from the crowd.