Is a Credential Document a Valuable Long-Term Investment?

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In this post, we’ll cover:

Credential Documents. They’re an important part of showcasing your services, but why exactly do you need one? What makes a good credential document? Is it worth the investment?

What is a Credentials Document?

Credential documents are a credentials presentation, which indicates your suitability to provide a specific service. These include things such as previous projects done by your business, client testimonials and the major points in your company’s lifecycle such as your business strengths, what you do as a business, and most importantly, what your business is capable of.

Credential documents can be aimed at specific businesses you wish to work with. Tailoring a deck to your target audience’s specific needs increase your chances of working with clients if you know their interests and expectations.

For a more in-depth explanation, we highly recommend reading through our blog: Credentials Documents: Why Every Sales-Driven Business Should Have One.

Why should I invest in one?

The importance of a credentials document cannot be overlooked. After all, this is how you showcase that you have the skills, passion, and ideas to bring potential client’s projects to life!

You are severely undercutting yourself to a purely “trust me” concept with no proof you can deliver, and if that client has gone to a business that can provide proof they have the relevant experience working with a project of the same scale with a credentials document, that business will be the safer option.

If you’re not entirely certain about what you should include, we can help. Find out more in our blog Credentials Document: What to Consider and What to Include.

What makes a credentials document a valuable long-term investment?

Well, the beautiful thing of credential documents are they grow alongside your business. The more projects you do, the more your business grows and the more extensive your portfolio becomes!

It never stops working or being a key tool in your marketing strategy. It will constantly be the deciding factor on a client’s choice when presented as a deck. The first few pages need to be impactful, simple and effective, which is why working alongside us at EDGE will provide you with a company just as passionate about your success as you are.

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Whatever you need, we can help. We provide an integrated marketing service, offering a free initial consultation to discuss what would work best for you. Our credentials document service includes creating on-brand design, copywriting, and personalisation to create a unique piece just for your business.


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