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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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You might have heard that in the online world of 2017 visual is everything! With 87% of online marketers using video-driven content, it is taking hold of social media and digital content more than ever. However, all this focus on imagery doesn’t mean the power of written content should just be pushed aside.

At EDGE Creative, we’re big on written content that draws the reader in and depicts your brand to audiences that matter to you. Excellently crafted and well-suited copywriting is required for a multitude of media message such as emails, blogs, websites, sales tools, brochures, press releases, advertising campaigns and much, much more.

Here are some important guidelines we adhere to when communicating a written message for a company like yours.

Start with a bang!

Snappy headlines and impactful starting sentences are fundamental to hooking in your readers’ interest and encouraging them to read on to the end of the piece. The beginning is the most important part of any piece especially if it’s for sales-driven content. Therefore, we give lots of time and attention to the written word.

We work our magic to start your storytelling in an inspiring way, whether it’s for online content such as a website or email marketing piece or an offline campaign such as a magazine advert, corporate brochure or an explosive sales-driven piece.

Make it meaningful

When it comes to quality, there’s no use in filling up space with words. To get your message across with clarity, it must mean something! We focus on concise, structured content that is authentic, unique and packed with business potential in every sentence.

Check it, check it and check it again

It pays to proof read work thoroughly to ensure sentences are strung correctly, words are spelt accurately and dreaded minor typos are nowhere to be seen.

Correct grammar will also help to maintain your business’ credibility and reputation as professional and trustworthy. We understand the importance of this, so we always make sure content is read by multiple members of the team to ensure spelling and grammar is in tip-top shape.

Find your own style and voice

It’s best practice to create a distinctive tone of voice for your writing style. This is so you can talk to your readers in the correct way to convey your brand’s personality. Correct tone of voice will give a consistent “feel” and “voice” to the content across your marketing collateral.

You will need to incorporate this into your brand guidelines to communicate your message constantly throughout all your marketing.

Are you looking to write a blog, interview, Q&A, or a collection of stories? Do you want to develop your brand voice? Does your content need to be factual or opinion-based? These are all important questions that you will need to explore and answer to get started.

Think outside the box

When writing content to grab attention, traditional may not always be the best approach. Think about what’s different about your brand and ask why your potential clients should listen.

At EDGE Creative, this has been our forte for some time now. Our experienced team build imaginative, innovative and thought-provoking brand stories to make an impact on content that really sets itself apart from the rest.

Combine strategy with creativity

Fantastic ideas are just one piece of the puzzle. To create engaging content that helps the right people notice your brand we ensure our blogs, email marketing, websites and printed material follow a set structure that’s bespoke to the brand values it communicates and considers the use of calls to action if required.

A good strategy involves envisioning the objectives and the purpose of the content you wish to create from the get-go.

What next?

We’re an integrated creative agency that produce and create everything in-house from design to web. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more about how we can help with content writing, call us on 0121 355 8092, or alternatively, drop us a line at:


Jamie Burtenshaw

Content Creator

Jamie joined the team in April 2022 with a love of language, technology, and the written word. Having spent some time as a language teacher in Japan and as a copywriter in financial marketing, Jamie is excited to further his writing career as a content creator at EDGE Creative.

Jamie is passionate about learning and personal development, which led him to create a YouTube series helping Japanese speakers learn English. When he isn’t tapping away on his laptop at work, Jamie is instead tapping away on his gaming PC at home, enjoying a cup of tea in Birmingham city centre, or watching Brighton and Hove Albion lose football matches.