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Last edited 5 February, 2024
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Natalie has been interning with us at EDGE Creative for her summer placement in between University and as a under-graduate in design and marketing we wanted to ask Natalie a question,

“What one thing makes you go wild in the world of design?”

Favourite designs from a handbag addict

Whatever shop I go into whether it’s a designer, high street or even Asda! A handbag always catches my eye. Some people may say I have a problem, but surely I’m not the only one!
The last “bag count” came to an astounding 180. The collection has increased more and more over the years. I’ve even dedicated a second wardrobe for them, it’s a perfect home.

The obsession of handbags started many years ago, the designs and finishes to handbags excited me whether it’s satchel, clutch or a small bowling bag.

Here are my Top Five:

Vivienne Westwood
The design of the bag amazes me! The texture of the patterns used are so vivid and unique they caught my eye instantly. The best thing about the Vivienne Westwood bags is the iconic orb, the bigger the better I say!

Michael Kors 
As an experienced bag hunter this designer hadn’t really appealed to me until last autumn. His bags are practical and functional but the gold chains and detailed finishes made the bag stand out and I just had to have it.

Cambridge Satchel
Almost bespoke, one can choose their own ideal size and the designs pretty much stay consistent throughout the collection, making all the bags beautifully unique with minimal risk as you simply can’t go wrong with any bag… genius!

Every collection line is unique and innovative with meticulous design and great brand value makes the Fiorelli a must have for any bag-oholic.

River Island
Top designers shouldn’t be the be all and end all of fashionable bags. River Island stock a great collection of stunning saddlebags, satchels, handbags, purses and pouches and all inspired by catwalk fashion. The design differs with trends but you always tend to find a bag that jumps out at you!

Public Service Announcement
Are you suffering from Handbag addiction?

Do you need to curb your spending!?

Well, Natalie… can’t help you, but leave a comment below about your favourite bags and we’ll be sure to lend our non-expert advice, which probably won’t help one bit!

Happy shopping everyone

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