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Last edited 14 June, 2022
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I have been a photographer for several years now, and as such, have had the pleasure of photographing many happy couples, children, glamour models, DJ’s (Trevor Nelson, Jaguar Skills and Kenny Dope to name a few), friends, family and even the legendary Rolf Harris.

My passion for photography stems from my Father, but as a general rule, I’ve always loved that a picture can capture not only a moment, but someone’s personality…a look in their eyes, their body language, all make up a snap shot of a sense of time, place and emotion, yet the image is still?

Always admiring the work of others (and wishing I was that good!) has led me to want to pay particular homage to a truly great photographer, Annie Leibovitz.  What’s more, EDGE Creatives’ partnering with The Venus Awards for 2013, a celebration on Women in Business, pushed me to thinking about Leibovitz’ acclaimed publication Women, whom she collaborated with her then partner, Susan Sontag who later tragically died from Acute Meyloid Lukemia.

The book focuses on a series of beautifully captured photographs of Women in various locations, professions, statuses and cultures.  What’s really fantastic about the book and the images within is how striking they are, and referring back to my initial point, how each photograph captures not only the face and the embodiment of each individual, but also their mind, soul and spirit.

From the fame and fortune of an affluent actress, to the despair and hurt of a victim of domestic abuse, each of these women represents a strength and power that can only be crafted by life, experience and inner power and determination, manifested in what’s’ truly wonderful….Women!

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