First Month on the Job: An Apprentice at EDGE Creative

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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In the myriad of emotions experienced on your first day in a new job, you’ll be feeling some sort of excitement. Ultimately, beginning a new role is an exciting time for growth, development and experiencing new perspectives.

However, it’s not uncommon that you might feel worried, nervous and apprehensive. After all, first impressions matter.

Our latest new starter, Philip Edwards joined EDGE Creative last month as a Digital Apprentice. Today, he describes how he felt on his first day and how he’s found the last month working with the team.

Philip Edwards:

Straight from sixth form, I worked as an admin and design apprentice. This was my first experience in a creative role, and immediately, I knew that this was the industry for me. After this, I started to volunteer for an arts charity where I was doing admin, photography and graphic design work while attending an IT course at a college in Birmingham. Now, I work at EDGE Creative as a digital marketing apprentice, supporting the digital team with SEO and PPC campaigns and learning new processes every day.

On my first day at EDGE Creative I felt excited, but also worried – a role in digital marketing was new territory for me. I wanted to make a good first impression! Now, a month has passed, and I can happily say that the experience so far has been both valuable and fun. That first day worry has vanished completely.

The Work Environment

When beginning a new role, many people worry about what type of environment they will be working in. There’s only so much information you can gather from an interview or office tour – and often, you won’t truly understand a business’s working environment and company culture until you’ve started working for them.

So far, EDGE Creative’s working environment has been both friendly and positive. Although fast-paced and busy, every person in the business always has time to help me with anything that I need. The whole team has been cooperative and supportive if I have any questions, which has allowed me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing sector quickly and effectively. Most importantly, everyone has a good laugh in the office. After all, work is play here at EDGE Creative.


For someone new to digital marketing, it is only natural that I will be learning how to do my job effectively. Understanding where to look for information, internal processes and developing my skillset has been at the core of my digital marketing education. So far, I have learnt more in one month than I ever thought possible.

My previous experience in IT and Design meant I understood certain website processes and optimisation, but over the last month I have learnt more about the internal side of digital marketing. This includes building links, optimising content, meta-data, alt tags and anchor text, keywords – the list goes on. Of course, the digital industry is continuously growing, so I will continue to expand my knowledge as my apprenticeship continues.’

At EDGE Creative, we are always looking for talented, innovative and creative individuals who are excited to learn, grow and develop. If you are interested in joining our team, please email with your CV and covering letter.

Philip Edwards and Kyri Christou


Joanna Cassin

Social Media Account Manager

Jo first joined the EDGE Creative team as a Digital Marketing Assistant. Several years and hundreds (if not thousands) of bottles of Pepsi Max later, she now makes up part of our office’s “Content Corner” as a Social Media Account Manager, bringing together her social media knowledge combined with her writing skills.

With her impressive level of music knowledge, Jo can regularly name a song and tell you an unnecessary music fact in less than 3 seconds from a song starting. This often takes all the fun out of listening to the radio in the office, but it’s certainly a talent, nonetheless.