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Last edited 15 April, 2020
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Here at EDGE Creative we continually expand our knowledge and expertise, generating fresh ideas and exploring new sources of information.

Internships are an area we are growing and developing all the time. Investing in young people who show innovation, originality and a willingness to learn presents many opportunities. Candidates have the chance to inject their own creativity, ideas and cultural views to a mutual benefit.

We are proud to present Hannah Frank!

Not only are we delighted Hannah has joined us; we’re thrilled that Hannah’s shown great interest in us too!
Hannah highlights the great results of having a strong online presence that highlights your core brand values, where you can attract attention from around the world.

Hannah has travelled across the pond from the United States of America, New York, to develop her skills and get first hand experience in a UK based creative design agency.

Hannah said, “I discovered EDGE Creative while browsing the Internet for “UK Design Agencies”. I thought the overall design of the page looked cool, especially the way they portrayed the Team pages. I dropped them an email with my portfolio and here I am!”

Meet Hannah

Name: Hannah Frank

Position: Internship

Favourite brand: The Adobe Brands. I basically live and breathe illustrator, indesign and photo shop!

What did you want to be when you grew up?: An equine vet until I had to give my own horse a shot and practically passed out!

Favourite tipple: A mojito with fresh mint

Signature karaoke song:  If I could sing then it would “tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

If you were a Disney character who would you be?: Kiara from The Lion King because she’s fierce and mischievous =)

Star Sign: Virgo (September11)

Favourite colour: Choosing a favourite colour is just as impossible as not breathing! My least favourite is orange though, I must say…

Motto/saying/favourite Quote: Hun flyver med sine egne vinger (“She flies with her own wings” – always follow your heart)

EDGE team member



EDGE routinely feature guest blogs written by key industry professionals covering a wide variety of topics. Their insight is crucial to our development as a marketing agency and helps us learn about and adapt to new industries, ideals, and business practices. The partnership we have with our guest authors helps us both grow side-by-side and brings a fresh perspective on topics both old and new.