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Last edited 8 July, 2024
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In our interview with Busy Bees Benefits, we discussed the following:

With it being just over a year since the start of lockdown, we’re looking to the future with a series of interviews with a range of businesses and leaders discussing changes in their industry and life over the last year.  

Our next interview is with Wojciech Dochan, Managing Director at Busy Bees Benefits.

Who are you and what do you do?   

“I am an experienced financial services professional with an outstanding track record of delivering new products and ideas.

Currently I am focused on delivering low-cost tech solutions for businesses in order to help them with their staff recruitment and retention programmes. We live in a digital age, so the role and importance of online delivery has grown exponentially.”

What are your long-term goals, did you achieve them and what’s left to come?   

“My aim is to provide affordable tech solutions that deliver better benefits in the workplace. I want to achieve better outcomes for employers and their people.

I have developed and launched new benefit solutions over the last two years and have been growing a start-up business. My ambition is to grow this business to become a market leader.”

What are your values as a business leader?   

“It’s all about respecting and valuing people.  

“Having colleagues that are motivated and engaged with the business is all important, as without their input and commitment, the business will not be successful. You therefore need to respect and value people as individuals and they will help you and the business succeed.”

How do you stay motivated? 

“There are always opportunities that present themselves. The challenge is to see them and execute them.

“Everyday brings its own challenges and rewards and for me, it’s about how you respond to those challenges that gives me energy to start each day with a buzz.

It’s also important to take time out no matter how busy you are, I encourage everyone to have a little ‘me’ time to lower any stress and anxiety.”

How has the last year affected your industry?   

“The last year has been difficult, especially as a B2B provider.

It has been about spotting opportunities and having the right products and services available for our customers.”

What has been your biggest challenge for the last year and how did you overcome it?

“Looking after the people that work for me by keeping the business going and at the same time developing and launching new products and services.”

Have you had to adapt your business model due to the coronavirus? Have you altered your goods, services or offering in any way?   

“Yes, we have changed our business model by being early adopters of remote working and introducing a more comprehensive range of benefits for staff.

“We provide a full range of benefits covering financial protection, such as life cover and income protection as well as health benefits and access to rewards and retail discounts.

“We let staff finish early on a Friday and give a day’s holiday on their birthday.”

What has been your favourite project over the last year?   

“Developing a new reward and recognition tech platform that delivers an affordable solution for business of all sizes.”

How do you see your industry changing?  

“The pandemic means that companies have to change how they operate going forward and this in turn is changing the reward and benefits that they need to have in place.

“There is a greater focus of better managing people’s work life balance and their health and wellbeing.” 

What are your plans for the future?  

“Carry on doing what I know – spotting opportunities and taking first mover advantage.” 

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