Merry Christmas from Maverick TV

Last edited 14 June, 2022
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Christmas is just around the corner and embracing the festive spirit Maverick TV wanted to say thank you to all their customers and wish them a Merry Christmas. Find out how we helped them spread their Christmas joy.

Maverick is a TV & media production company, which produces popular shows such as Embarrassing Bodies, Gok’s Teens and Hotel GB. Embracing their industry, we decided to communicate their Christmas message through a medium not uncommon to their everyday business; a television set.

Customers received Maverick’s Christmas wishes via the Internet where, with a click of a button, they were transported as an audience to watch a ‘channel flicking’ TV set – a situation not uncommon in modern households we’re sure you’ll agree! Each channel visited displayed a word, which together spells a joyful yuletide greeting!

Click here and we’ll transport you into the world of TV!


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