National Apprenticeship Week: Jo’s Story

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In our interview with Jo, we discussed a range of topics about his apprenticeship in a digital marketing agency:

Over the years, we’ve catapulted the digital marketing careers of many young people, all of whom have gone on to become experts in their field. Apprentices at EDGE Creative can expect to get involved with every aspect of the marketing mix, and depending on their strengths, find a role with us that’s perfect for them. It’s safe to say we don’t believe in tea and coffee making stereotypes!

Someone who knows this all too well is our Social Media Account Manager Jo, who joined the team as a Marketing Assistant in 2016. Jo has completed her Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas in Digital Marketing, guided by experience at EDGE Creative and off the job training. As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2020, we got together with Jo to ask some questions about her experience.

What interested you about Digital Marketing?

“I’ve always been interested in digital, having had a keen passion for social media, websites and the internet since first ever being near a computer! Piczo, anyone? What about MySpace?

Combining this “always on the internet” approach to life with my interest in writing and language, I realised that a career in Digital Marketing was perfect for me. I enjoy crafting language in a way that inspires people to take action, and found that I could use my knowledge in all things internet as platform for it.”

Why did you choose an apprenticeship at a Digital Marketing Agency?

“After deciding university wasn’t really right for me, I wanted to join somewhere I could learn tons of skills on the job. I wasn’t satisfied with sitting in classes and learning about things without getting to join in, so I wanted somewhere fast-paced, exciting and varied, so I’d get some real experience of all aspects of marketing. EDGE Creative is a Digital Marketing Agency that had all of that – so I was, understandably, very pleased when I was given the opportunity to join the team.”

How did you balance your time between studying and working?

“With an apprenticeship, there’s not much traditional studying involved, as everything you learn is usually part of your role in the workplace. I balanced my time by allotting myself around 2-4 hours per week to complete my coursework, and because I learnt so much on the job, a lot of it could be done by giving examples of tasks I’d already completed.

It’s really important to give yourself enough time each week to complete your work, so you don’t have to do too much at once!”

What opportunities have you received as a result of your apprenticeship?

“EDGE Creative have given me so many opportunities as a result of my apprenticeship. One thing I really appreciated was their passion for ensuring I was learning new skills every week, meaning I could figure out what I really enjoyed. This meant I had the opportunity to improve my skills in social media, content writing and email marketing, as well as get involved with EDGE’s networking events. EDGE Creative also gave me the opportunities to access additional training on top of my apprenticeship, including seminars, webinars, and our weekly “EDGEucation” meetings.

As a result of these opportunities, I’ve developed so much within my role. I started off as a Marketing Assistant, developed into a Social Media Executive, and am now a Social Media Account Manager, managing clients’ social media projects as well as meeting with them regularly to discuss strategy and goals.”

Would you recommend a Digital Marketing apprenticeship?

“I’d really recommend a Digital Marketing apprenticeship! University isn’t for everyone, and digital marketing is such a wide and varied sector that can nurture a massive range of skill sets. An apprenticeship can give you that all-important head start in a career that can really take you places. While it can seem daunting at first, the support and training you receive will quickly help you find your feet!”

At EDGE, we’re always on the look out for talented individuals to join our expanding team. If you’d like to find out more, drop us an email at


Louise Panayides

Creative Director

With a huge ambition to set up her own agency since the age of 18, Creative Director Louise founded EDGE Creative in 2004. Louise has been driven by her creative flair from the beginning, with a passion for building brands from the ground up.

Louise loves developing relationships with people and understanding the driving forces behind the clients we engage with. Marketing never loses its excitement for Louise, and she is proud to have developed such an excellent company culture. Fuelled by creative ideas and very strong cups of coffee, Louise’s life is enriched by music, her puppy Luna and getting outside for hiking, photography, and travelling to her favourite place in the world – Montenegro!