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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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EDGE Creative Core Processes

Before we start work on a project, we like to understand our client objectives. After an in-depth discussion and fact finding we devise a well-researched strategic proposal.

Once the strategy has been agreed we like to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible, starting with a follow-up meeting with our client. We’re able to plan-out the project with a focus upon the next stages. For example, if a client is looking for a new website, the next stage would focus around the information architecture. This involves road-mapping, planning the structure and reviewing the current content and purpose.

When working with our all clients, communication is at the heart of everything we do, it’s important that our account directors and managers have constant contact to ensure things are being executed and schedules are kept up to date. This is achieved through bi weekly meetings and phone calls with clients.

At every stage of any project we’re working on, we like to keep our clients in the loop to ensure everything is on track. Before we complete each stage, we require feedback and a sign-off. This ensures that we can deliver exactly what the client express, and easily implement any changes along the way to achieve the agreed timescale. For example, a few months ago we managed an online project for one of our financial clients Finance 4 Business, a leading specialist finance brokerage. The challenge we faced with the previous F4B website was the poor user experience, it was hard to absorb the content which resulted in a low engagement rate, very few conversions and a high bounce rate.

So, we began by researching the two main audiences of F4B and created a comprehensive site map to suit. The site map included both the main website and the secure log-in area which was required to access documents. We outlined our approach before proceeding to the wireframing and layout stage, wherein we structured the research that we had gathered on F4B’s audience. We outlined the two main audiences the website would be used by and explored their requirements, the end user and intermediaries. With this understanding, we could focus on the relationship the audiences had with digital marketing and plan the digital assets and new website with all F4B business objectives in mind.

Before a project is complete our production team ensure that the work presented to the client is to the highest industry standard, it goes through rigorous testing and proofing. After this process is complete, the client can preview the fully functional website before is goes live, this gives the client the opportunity to fully experience the site before go live and give us detailed feedback.

Post launch results of the F4B website were very positive, and the relevancy of the traffic arriving at the website increased. The average session duration also rose to over three minutes per session and the average user viewed 2.5 pages in each session. This increase can be attributed to the greatly improved customer journey and engaging design with clear navigation. In addition, into the results the conversion rate saw an increase as well, and the quality of each conversion.

When we have managed an online project such as F4B, we have quarterly review meetings to make our clients aware of industry and technology changes, along with any new creative ideas we’d like to share,  performance reporting such as analytical and heat-mapping. 

We’re an integrated creative agency that produce and create everything in-house from design to web. We have a passion for the working with financial service clients. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more about what we can go for you, call us on: 0121 355 8092 alternatively drop us a line at:


Louise Panayides

Creative Director

With a huge ambition to set up her own agency since the age of 18, Creative Director Louise founded EDGE Creative in 2004. Louise has been driven by her creative flair from the beginning, with a passion for building brands from the ground up.

Louise loves developing relationships with people and understanding the driving forces behind the clients we engage with. Marketing never loses its excitement for Louise, and she is proud to have developed such an excellent company culture. Fuelled by creative ideas and very strong cups of coffee, Louise’s life is enriched by music, her puppy Luna and getting outside for hiking, photography, and travelling to her favourite place in the world – Montenegro!