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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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As Bob said, Times are a-changing. But is your brand ready?

We’re entering an age where brands are seeking new and innovative ways to build relationships with their customers; you’ll see examples of this everywhere you turn.

Whether it’s an arsenal of social media platforms that demonstrate brand personality, exclusive information or engaging campaigns for new products and services. Perhaps, it’s Youtube videos that are used to go viral tapping into current societal trends or even creating them – A top ten from 2012, brought to you by SocialFresh

Or guerrilla marketing blitz campaigns used for cost-effective advertising – Our top ten Guerrilla marketing campaigns – The fact is,

“The number of ways that consumers have their perceptions of brands influenced has never been broader”, stated, Head of brand and customer experience of GfK, Iain Stanfield.

An inforgraphic from Marketing Week details the various contact points for a select group of brands and how they positively or negatively impact the consumer. They analysed over 20 contact points, which highlights the plethora of different ways a brand can communicate with their consumer but also impresses the importance of consistency, control and clarity.

The emergence of new digital media and innovative marketing techniques has presented many brands with a wide range of opportunities to augment their consumer’s perceptions. However, it comes with a serious consideration – Brand Management.

Coca-Cola, ranks 5th in a 2013 BrandZ survey which ranked the top 100 valuable global brands and as one of the world’s largest house of brands they are a company who excel in Brand Management.

Coca-Cola’s recent summer campaign is its biggest ever, so big in-fact, you can’t have missed it. Taking 150 of the most popular names in the country and plastering them across hundreds of thousands of bottles across the UK; we’re pretty certain you’ve at least seen a bottle with your name on it, if not consumed one yourself.

Marketing Week report that in the month since the campaign launched, Coca-Cola’s Buzz ranking – YouGov BrandIndex’s measure of the positive and negative things said about the brand in the media or through word of mouth – has jumped from -5 to 1.9, a shift categorised as “statistically significant” by the research company.

Amongst all the advertising noise, brands constantly have to seek innovative and creative ways to communicate their message and be noticed, while always considering how they will manage that activity.
No matter whether you’re an International brand or a local company; seeking a community of valuable members can greatly improve your brand perception and sales.

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