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Last edited 17 November, 2022
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The Joseph Foote Trust was established to battle brain tumours and help raise money for cancer research. The charity was named after Joseph Foote, who was diagnosed in 2000 aged only 2 & 1/2 years with a rare ependymoma malignant brain tumour. He sadly passed away a few years later and the family decided to set up a trust in his name to help others who’d been affected and future generations.

As a new charity we were entrusted with creating the marketing fundamentals to create an identity that would help increase awareness and recognition on a local and national scale.



We designed their original logo and as the brand expanded, in order for the charity to reach the next level, we redeveloped the logo to solidify their brand identity and professionalism.

The charity’s primary fund raising scheme was set up to increase awareness and fund raising, the ‘£1000 challenge’. This scheme asked for volunteers to participate in challenges/events with the aim to generate £1000 for the charity.

In honour of those who achieved their £1000 milestone, certificates were designed and produced, a long with the creation of a pin badge, to reward their achievements. The badge was in the form of their iconic brand image – the umbrella.

The Joseph Foote Trust has hosted numerous charity balls as part of its strategy to further increase its reach and make people conscious of their efforts. The events have been highly successful, attracting high profile celebrities and 1000’s of guests across the world, from around the UK to across the pond in the USA.



Helping create their brand identity and strategically position it has assisted The Joseph Foote Trust to increase its awareness, research, support and ultimately survival rates for Brain Tumours.

Their fantastic accomplishments recently aroused the interests of Brain Tumour UK earlier this year, who decided to merge The Joseph Foote Trust into their organisation, collaborating to even greater ambitions.


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