Web 3.0 – What can we expect from the next generation of the internet?

Last edited 9 April, 2024
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What topics we’ll be covering with Web 3.0:

An advancement in how computers understand the meaning behind the information is likely to be at the heart of it, allowing them to learn more about topics you are interested in and helping to find the information you want faster.

In this article, the digital marketing team from our expert digital marketing agency in Birmingham will focus on what we can hope to see from the emergence of Web 3.0.

What is likely to change from Web 2.0?

The second generation of the World-Wide-Web handed the capacity for interaction between users and sites. It was driven by the emergence of social networks, mobile and cloud technology.

In Web 3.0, the idea is to enhance the user experience further, through a more human-like communication that will see artificial intelligence look at the meaning behind words and understand relationships between things, leading to better connections and more relevant information.

It is also believed that there will be a change in power regarding data, with the user expected to be able to take back control, giving greater privacy, transparency, and ownership over their information thanks to blockchain technology.

The aim is the introduction of a web that does not require personal information to be provided to large tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter to use their services.

What features of Web3 are we likely to see?

Whilst much of Web 3.0 is still at the theoretical stage, details are starting to emerge about many of the key features that will play a part in taking the internet into the next generation.

These include some of the following:


This will help improve the search process to generate and share content using methods that understand the meaning of words rather than keywords or numbers.


Computers will take a more human-like approach to provide faster and more relevant results, helping to improve the way they satisfy user intent.


The frequency of 3D design on websites and services such as guides, computer games, eCommerce and geographical contexts should increase rapidly with Web 3.0.


Information will be more connected because of semantic metadata that will help progress the user experience to new levels.


As technology develops, new methods of gaining access to internet content and services will emerge, rather than exclusively through computers and smartphones.


This technology leaves user data protected and encrypted. It will serve to stop large companies from controlling and/or using users’ data for their gain.


Data will be stored within a peer-to-peer connection, meaning users keep ownership of their data and digital assets, and can log in securely online without being tracked.


Web3 relies on the advancement of edge computing in which apps and data are processed at the network edge on mobile phones, laptops, appliances, and smart devices.

How EDGE Can Help

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