Q&A with EDGE Account Managers: working within the Financial Sector

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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1. What are your daily tasks as an Account Manager at EDGE?

We all have slightly different approaches when managing our financial sector clients, but at EDGE Creative we work to the same core values for each. Due to how fast paced we are, on a continual basis it’s fundamental to be organised when managing, planning and completing projects. This structured way of working enables us to be proactive, consistent and creative. Leading us to better results!

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients’ businesses and we implement this at every level. This enables us to understand their branding, ethos and position in the market place. This ensures we take a unique approach with creative led ideas and development of projects that’s right for the client every time.

Daily life at EDGE means that we always work as a team, collaborating with our studio to share ideas and complete multiple projects such as digital, exhibition, SEO, and events to the highest standard possible.

2. Which clients in the financial sector have you worked with?

We have worked with an abundance of financial clients nationally offering a diverse range of products and services such as; Margetts Fund Management, KLO Financial Services, Tempus Wealth, Loveday & Partners, Ernest Grant, Clarion, Group IFA and their companies – Sovereign, ProSport, Rosebridge, The Pensions Partnership. We’ve also worked with London based Baronsmead, Future Money, Foy Wealth, Legion, Odyssey Corporate Finance, Index Wealth, Finance 4 Business, Investec and Lloyds Banking Group. To name a few!

3. What kind of projects have you worked on for clients?

As we are a fully integrated agency, we get to work on a whole host of projects for our financial clients, from creating websites, apps, adverts, brand development, social media management, product launches, digital campaigns, through to video production, risk profiling, quarterly fact sheets and secure log-in areas.

4. Is there anything different about the financial sectors?

We like to come up with fresh and creative ideas for each client we work with. The difference with our financial clients is that it is imperative that we work with compliance in mind with every task encountered. We do this to a high standard, meeting the deadlines and budget set. Our main objectives for financial clients is for our creative solutions to stand out from the crowd.

5. What you’ve achieved while working at EDGE with financial clients?

In recent months, we have collaborated with KLO Financial Services to create and design a stunning Insights magazine including articles from four of our other clients. The magazine featured several topical and engaging articles for professionals and consumers alike. Take a look here.

In addition, we have been working on a new online platform for Finance 4 Business. The challenge we faced with this project was that we had to ensure all that it catered for two different audiences: intermediaries and end users, to enable them to access additional documents. Since the launch, the website has had an increase in traffic by 50%.

In the coming months, we will be holding a Cyber Security Seminar, with cyber-attacks continuing to grow, and no entity public or private being exempt from attack. We understand it is essential for businesses to be equipped with the right knowledge to better protect themselves against attacks.

6. What would you say to businesses in the financial sector looking for an integrated marketing agency?

The best advice we could give to any prospective client looking for an integrated marketing agency is to research, ask the agency questions, view their portfolios and case studies.

To find a company that’s experienced and creative, full of fresh ideas. This would involve an agency that has proven success working within the financial sector, and really takes the time to understand your business. A knowledge and understanding of the market and the different services within the sector is also essential. The key need is for the agency in mind to understand financial services for both businesses and individuals – an agency that, because of their knowledge and experience within the sector, can get innovative campaigns right the first time, every time.

If you’d like to speak to us about your creative, please reach us on 0121 355 0892 or email info@edge-creative.com.


Ellena Yapp

Content Manager

Ellena started working at EDGE in March 2021, after deciding to pursue her passion for the written word. She hopes to develop a rewarding career in digital marketing, specifically content writing, and is very excited to grow as part of the EDGE team.