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Albion England are an industry-leading Equestrian manufacturer. Started in 1985, the Albion England brand was originally born out of a desire to pioneer a premium range of equestrian accessories.

Delivering high-quality products and blending traditional values and artisan craftsmanship, the company has evolved into a leading brand within their industry. The business has recently evolved its core values to the creation of both accessories for the shooting fraternity and a lifestyle range.

Our relationship with Albion England began when they approached us wanting to increase sales on their newly developed e-commerce website. They sought to merge away from solely using printed marketing by increasing their digital marketing.

The Task

We assisted Albion in maintaining their website to ensure the customer experience was 1st-class. To ensure this was the case to meet their objectives, we added additional functionality to the website to capture users’ details, implemented new forms to assist users and surveys to collect valuable feedback.

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The Results

To drive traffic to the website, we set up advertisements via social media. From identifying the audience with their geo-interests, we can effectively advertise and remarked products. This allows customers to be on the purchasing journey where they can purchase when it suits them. With the addition of email marketing, we continued the customer journey from setting up automated email funnels to provide discounts and product reminders.

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