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The Gladwin Brothers own and operate a chain of restaurants across London and the southeast, each catering to their own niche but with the umbrella focus of “Local & Wild”. Their restaurants are created with the purpose of using natural, locally sourced ingredients through their partnerships with farmers and suppliers in the surrounding area.

The three brothers at the helm use their individual skills in tandem, one as a farmer, another as a chef, and the last as a restauranteur, to produce a unique fine dining experience at each of their seven London locations.

They contacted us in 2022 to help change their under utilisation of Google Analytics, improve the user experience of their websites, and conduct detailed competitor research. 

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The Task

The Gladwin Brothers wanted to scale their SEO, online presence, and advertising strategy effectively. While they had no issue getting customers through the door, the business was growing, and they wanted to target the right audiences to ensure that they were maximising their opportunities.

Additionally, they did not utilise Google Analytics in the most efficient way for a business of their size. They were able to use the programme to access top-level data but needed the help of EDGE to discover more detailed findings and utilise it effectively. More specifically, they had plenty of web traffic, but had not set up any form of goal tracking, which meant they were unable to analyse the success of their different marketing channels through conversion data.

We also noticed that the interface and interactivity of their websites was not optimised for customer efficiency. To help analyse the performance of their websites from a customer perspective, we conducted a user experience audit across all seven under their control, identifying areas for them to improve their functionality and increase bookings.

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Statistics of the Gladwin Brothers mobile website design including examples of developed landing pages
Statistics showing 50% reduction in users bookings dropping off thanks to their website redesign
Statistic showing 60% of users booking through their mobile website including image of their mobile landing page

The Results

To start, we looked at their analytics to identify how their two main target audiences, young professionals and couples or groups in their 40s and 50s, were interacting with the business. From there, we worked to identify several ways that the Gladwin Brothers could help increase their audience engagement.

To do this effectively, we needed to organise and restructure their Google Analytics to help both us and the brothers find, collect, and utilise the data more easily. For example, we went through the process of setting up and tracking visitor, customer, and booking data to give valuable insights into how engaged their users were.

This kind of information was previously inaccessible or stored across several different accounts, and two of their restaurants even shared the same analytics which resulted in inaccurate data reporting. Now, all data for the Gladwin Brothers is stored logically and accurately, meaning that they can more easily identify which strategies are working through tangible data and help make better business decisions moving forwards.

We also performed a full user experience audit on the websites for each of the restaurants and the central Gladwin Brothers site. It was here where we made the most changes, identifying several areas where the user experience was unoptimized and causing potential customers to drop off.

The Google Analytics data showed that users were dropping off during the booking process as it implemented a two-part form process, in which the initial booking details were not editable at the second stage. This resulted in people restarting the process when they wanted to change the date, time of their booking or the number of people attending. On the site for the Sussex restaurant, we saw that 93% of the visitors had left the site during the booking processes, with the other 7% bouncing between booking forms. To help reduce user friction, we recommended that they allow users to change their initial booking information in the second stage.

We also found inconsistencies throughout their branding and display across the sites. For example, the Black Lamb restaurant was previously called the Black Sheep, but both names were frequently referred to throughout the website. Additionally, there were some technical issues preventing the loading of certain pages or the submission and reception of contact forms.

We provided a report for all the technical problems that we encountered which was passed to their website developer for improvements as well as a list of CRO improvements required to boost success. Since our changes were made, we’ve been able to track more than 300 additional bookings for the Sussex restaurant alone.

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