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The Lighthouse Group protects and changes lives by working with talent in high-intensity careers to enhance all aspects of their life – whether that’s in a professional or personal manner. Having built a global partner-based commercial network, The Lighthouse Group works with those predominantly in the sporting and entertainment sectors and is proud to give back to local communities via The Lighthouse Foundation providing necessary support and wellbeing services to those most in need.

The Challenge:

When ARMCO, a long-term partner of EDGE Creative, reached out with this new business venture we were thrilled to take it on board and help shape it from its infancy. From the initial creation of the business name to the branding look and feel, we moved at pace to deliver further digital assets such as the website design and development, social media planning, exhibition materials for their launch and photography. Amongst delivering lots of other creative works, our team excelled at every challenge and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the business come to life.

We worked closely with the CEO and other Partners to ensure everything created was aligned with the company’s core values and strategic goals, whilst working to deadlines to ensure all work was ready for the official launch day. It was imperative that these deadlines were met for the live event and that the brand was showcased correctly for this incredible new global business.

Since our initial partnership, we have also worked with the Lighthouse Group to develop an all-encompassing app, putting every aspect of their business in the palm of their customers’ hands. The app needed to be wireframed and built with the user experience in mind from day one, with a logical layout to easily show all the services the Lighthouse Group provide. Having already proven our effectiveness, the Lighthouse Group fully trusted us with their new business venture.

The Result:

Many of the EDGE team were involved with delivering the various projects over the past several months, ready for the launch day, from our strategic thinkers, team of developers to our brand designers and copywriters. Creating their branding, our designers crafted a warm luxury colour palette of golds, coppers and orange, with a contrasting colour of navy blue.

Our skilled developers created a bespoke and unique website. We are proud to announce that the site phase one is now live, and there is so much more to come! If you would like to take a look at what we created over on The Lighthouse Group website, make sure to check out the powerful brand and many graphics!

We’re also thrilled to announce that the Lighthouse Group app is also available for download. With a focus on UX and UI, we scoped, planned, designed, and prototyped every page of the app individually to ensure a logical layout was backed up by extensive functionality and effectiveness.

For example, we put a heavy focus on the transition between pages and the button placements on each page to make it as coherent as possible for the user. Despite the app having several different functionalities, we ensured that the layout was intuitive so that users could easily navigate to what they needed in no time.

This isn’t the end of our partnership with The Lighthouse Group, there is so much more to come, but we’ll keep you guessing until the next big reveal!


This is what Andrew Powell, The Lighthouse Group CEO had to say about EDGE:

Designing, building, and then bringing to life a disruptive new business, into an historically driven and outdated market is never an easy journey. It takes endless patience, real strategic thinking, an ability to do the macro and the micro as it related to design, content, narrative and execution.

We needed a partner who could be flexible, dynamic, agile, challenging and knowledgeable about the journey that we are embarking upon. EDGE Creative were that partner. They enabled us to move swiftly, to bring ideas and concepts to life at pace and to deliver a brand, image, narrative and face of the business to the market, which we are extremely proud of.

I would highly recommend EDGE Creative as a key partner for anyone or any business considering such a journey.”

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