Illustration and Iconography

Want to make your company stand out? Showcase your unique brand personality with eye-catching illustration and iconography that sets you apart from your competitors.

Imagery plays a huge role in marketing. However, while photography is important, illustration can really give your brand a unique personality, allowing you to showcase products, tell stories and add creative flair to your marketing in places where photos only go so far.

As a design agency in Sutton Coldfield we have a dedicated team to bring your branding to life and to bring success with a flourishing finish.

Why should my business use illustration and iconography?

Illustration has no limits. Photography may be perfect for real-life product shots, but if you’re looking to explain a concept, illustration is key. Your business can use illustration to further express your brand message, using your own unique style to showcase key points. It can also decorate and add a unique artistic flair to otherwise plain or simple pieces.

Iconography that’s unique to your brand is an understated but key asset to your digital presence. It creates a recognisable tool to help your business differentiate services and key points, all while maintaining that consistent brand identity that’s so important to your business.

How do EDGE approach illustration and iconography?

As brand experts, we’re passionate about creating appealing illustration and iconography that represents your business inside and out. We’ll handle the entire process, from initial concepts and moodboards to animation.

Our multi-step process to Illustration and iconography

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    We understand that in order to understand your brand, we have to understand what makes your business tick. We’ll meet with you and your team to go over ideas, brainstorm concepts and let you express your vision. We’ll also discuss brand guidelines and competitor research to get a deeper insight into what success means to your business.

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    Our in-house team will pool ideas together and come up with some clear concepts of how your illustration and iconography will look. This collaboration means we get a variety of different viewpoints on what should be the final product. Our agency designers will then create these concepts for your review.

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    Once you’re happy with the concepts, we’ll then use these to run through creating the assets you need. Depending on the application, whether that’s website, social media, animation or printed media, we’ll ensure your illustration and iconography is suited to its placement. We’ll then present these assets to you for your review.

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    If we’re creating the illustration as part of your website, our designers and developers will collaborate to get this up and running. We also have in-house animation experts who can bring your illustrations and iconography to life for social media, explainer videos, adverts and much more. We’ll also provide guidance on how to use your iconography, for example, explaining how much space is needed, and any guidance on placement and size.

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