Fundraising and charity

When organising charity events, much of what you do will be dictated by budget. All charity events are about maximising the amount of money that will go directly to the cause, while running a great event for your attendees.

The key to running a great charity event is to maintain quality and ensure that your event is well attended while cutting out all unnecessary costs. With a limited budget, you are forced to be more creative.

Why is a charity event important?

Many non-profits and charities report that they are finding it harder than ever to acquire new donors and acquire more funds. There are more than 165,000 registered charities in the UK alone, so trying to maintain a level of public profile in a crowded and competitive world is important. Running a great event directly addresses these challenges and raises substantial amounts for the charity of your choice.

These events are often a good source to find new supporters while touching in and developing existing relationships. They also provide a wide range of content for your social media profile and can lift a charity’s profile.

How do EDGE approach charity events?

A charity event is one of the most important ways to raise money for any charity. It can be an exciting but stressful time. It is important that your event goes off without a hitch and as such, the event must be planned down to the last detail to reduce the margin of error. EDGE Creative will organise every stage of your charity event to the finest detail, using the following steps:

Steps on how EDGE will organise your charity event

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    Managing every aspect of the funding for your event is essential. Together, we will take the time to plan all the possible outgoings related to your event to identify any hidden costs you may encounter.
    Once aware of your potential additional costs, we can work together to project expenses more accurately and ensure that you come in under budget and maximise the profits for your charity.

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    Choosing a venue for your charity event is vital. The more time you give yourself to start researching and visiting potential venues the better.
    EDGE Creative will provide you with the choice of a range of venues that we feel is appropriate for your charity events. Our partnerships with various venues across Birmingham mean that we can offer some of the best locations the West Midlands has to offer.
    As well as this, we will work to find guest speakers and performers who are willing to donate their time. If there is a cost involved, we will be highly selective and consider the costs very carefully.

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    Trying to cut costs is an essential element of organising a charity event. There is often many talented and enthusiastic people that are eager to share their time and skills with charities and not for profits.
    Our connections as an agency means that we will be able to source volunteers to help work your charity event.

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    Your event is booked and organised, all that’s left to do is to promote!
    As your marketing partner, we can provide social media campaigns, website banners and other marketing materials to advertise your event. We will work with you to sell tickets, increase attraction and engagement with your business.

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