5 Marketing Strategies to Maximise Valuation

28 February, 2022
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After spending years growing and developing your company, it may come to a point where you are ready to let someone else takeover your business. Whether you’re looking to start a new business venture, wanting to take a step back from the business world and or looking into retirement, making sure you have an effective exit strategy to maximise that valuation is essential!

Your exit plan isn’t something that can be done overnight. Allow yourself one to three years before selling to allow for your business to grow and show its highest rates and performance. Through using a variety of carefully curated marketing strategies your company will be able to reach its greatest potential which, in turn, will see you make the best sale on your company.

Here are 5 marketing strategies to maximise valuation for your business:

Redesign your business

Regardless of the fact you will be handing over your company, it is important that your business stays relevant and up-to-date. Through rebranding your business, you will be able to attract modern investors that will see your company as current and with the times.

We aren’t saying you need to throw money away, but you need to be making a noticeable difference to your business. From rebranding your logo and content to completely auditing your whole business and finding where improvements are needed, do your research to see what your competitors are doing and then create something better.

Synchronise your sales and marketing

To reap the biggest benefit, it’s crucial you have your sales and marketing sectors in alignment with one another. Without one, the other will not be able to perform to its greatest potential.

Create a solid foundation and relationship between the two teams, hold regular meetings and ensure that they work closely with one another. Future investors will be impressed with this cooperation and the results that have come from it.

Utilise omni-channel marketing

Integrate messaging and branding across a variety of touchpoints to allow for a cohesive customer journey by using omni-channel marketing. Including this in your plan will not only grab the attention of future investors but will also benefit your business in terms of revenue.

Through using omni-channel marketing, you will be able to trigger certain responses to your interested audience that will prompt further leads or connections. From emails to social media adverts, your business will be put in the appropriate places that will see the best results for your revenue.

Putting your brand on a variety of different platforms such as the different social media channels will give your business a more personable approach. Over 50% of the upcoming generation trust businesses and brands that showcase their products or services through video. Getting with the times and bringing your business to social media will increase your audience reach and thus increase your revenue at the same time.

Refresh your content

Maintaining the standard of your content will always be important. Ensuring your business is kept relevant and current is an important factor to implement to reach the largest audience possible.

Reviews, customer photos and testimonials are what your customers need to know that your business is worthy of their investment. Take your time to collect useful and positive feedback, which you can use to attract new customers.

As previously mentioned, video content creation is becoming even more popular so make sure you’re offering a variety of different content features. If you don’t have a video content strategy in place, it’s time to get your camera out!

Focus on the end goal

Although the idea of investing more into your business when you’re planning to leave seems a bit ridiculous, it will benefit you financially in the long run with you seeing a far greater return than what you put into it.

If you’re struggling for time, working in partnership with a creative agency can help you make all these necessary changes in your business. Here at EDGE Creative, we offer the necessary support to help propel your business before you decide to sell it. We’re a digital marketing agency based in Birmingham but help businesses across the world.

If you would like to find out what we can do for your business, get in touch.

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Ali MacRae

Content Creator

With a wealth of social media experience, Ali has joined the team as a Content Creator, managing and creating a range of different content and creative marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.

Having worked in a marketing firm while travelling, Ali is excited about the opportunity to put her skills and knowledge to use here at EDGE, building brand awareness and creating meaningful engagements on social media to generate leads.