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Last edited 7 November, 2023
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From our extensive research done into the upcoming trends and uses of AI, we’ve looked into:

The recent explosion in popularity of freely accessible artificial intelligence systems, like chatbots and image generation programmes, has called into question their viability in the business space.

AI is already being utilised in several business contexts, such as customer service and data collection, but as a leading marketing agency in Birmingham, we’re sure that AI has its uses in marketing, too.

Read on to find out which platforms we are looking to utilise within our own marketing campaigns, and the benefits and drawbacks of AI in marketing.

Chat GPT and its impact on the space

It’s impossible to discuss artificial intelligence without mentioning ChatGPT, the freely accessible, open beta, online chatbot created by OpenAI. ChatGPT is a chatbot, meaning it is designed to converse and interact with users through text in a human-like manner.

The AI does this through a process called natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, which help the system ‘understand’ both what is written to it and what it writes back. It will ask and answer questions, provide ‘opinions’ on topics, and generally imitate the way in which we text or email each other.

ChatGPT has been used as the basis for other programmes designed to help produce more accurate and readable marketing materials, such as ChatSonic and Jasper AI. 

These kinds of artificial intelligence may have significant uses for businesses. More specifically, ChatGPT can be asked to come up with a blog strategy help generate ideas for a meeting, or draft internal communications.

Key to note, however, is that it doesn’t know your brand and your audience like a human strategist, so any content it produces could be deemed as generic, impersonal, and unempathetic.

It’s worth noting that AI has its limitations

Whether you are looking to use ChatGPT, Chatsonic, or Jasper AI, you need to be aware that artificial intelligence is a technology in its infancy and that there are some drawbacks to using them on their own.  

For a start, you will need a content writer and SEO specialist to check through any work or suggestions that the AI produces, as it may not always be accurate, reliable, or on-brand for you company! For example, many of the AI platforms that you could use for this purpose are the creation of American companies, meaning that the language localisation may be incorrect to your region.

Additionally, English is a complicated language so the sentences an AI produces may not be fully coherent or directly relevant to your messaging. SEO experts are also going to want to check the rankings and specifics of any keywords the bots suggests targeting to ensure that they are viable for your particular campaign.

We analysed the three different platforms from a marketing perspective

As a leading digital marketing agency, we have researched and tested three  popular AI programmes, ChatGPT, ChatSonic, and Jasper AI, to see which had the most potential to be introduced into our practices.


ChatGPT is technically considered a chatbot, although users can ask it to do anything while talking to it and the algorithm will do it’s best to fulfil the users wishes.

Users who are very specific with what they ask for are likely to be impressed by the sheer breadth of functionality ChatGPT has, although any obscurity in the prompts may produce results you aren’t expecting. It can be difficult to learn exactly how to communicate effectively with the AI, but doing so will greatly help your output.

However, as it is not a finished product and has become popular worldwide, it can be slow and unstable with the number of users at any one time. Additionally, Chat GPT is not powered by Google, meaning that it cannot provide reliable and updated information unless someone else has programmed it to have that knowledge.


ChatSonic is an AI platform used by more than 1 million marketing teams that is powered by Google to help provide accurate and up to date information that can be used to recommend blog content and strategies. It generated 3 million pieces of content in January 2023, totalling an impressive 1 billion words, and even allows you to choose a tone of voice that it will mimic, which can be moulded to fit your business.

One of the key benefits of ChatSonic is that it’s integration with Google means that its database is fully up to date, theoretically improving the accuracy of the content it will produce. Additionally, it has a modern and sleek user interface, it can source or produce images to go alongside your content and can even produce content for specific purposes using pre-made settings.

Utilising ChatSonic alongside an SEO expert who can check the relevancy and effectiveness of the keywords and titles it produces could be key in generating effective SEO campaigns. It will also need to be checked by a proof-reader due to its lack of proper paragraphing and localisation.

ChatSonic operates on a strict word limit depending on your payment plan, and can be quite expensive if you produce a lot of content.


Jasper AI is similar to ChatSonic, though the information provided through its partnership with Google is limited to 2021 data, meaning anything that has been updated since then may not be represented in your content.

Jasper AI could be fantastic for marketing materials that will be explored further by additional content writers. When asked to write a blog itself, Jasper AI first produced a detailed brief with direction for a writer to fill in the gaps, before writing the blog itself at the second time of asking.

It is currently used by more than 100,000 companies and can transform your long-form content into more visually appealing mediums, such as infographics and videos, and can be used to target specific keywords in your SEO strategy.

However, technical topics that require specific knowledge can be difficult for the AI to write about, and will always need to be proofed for spelling, grammar, and technical inaccuracies.

How EDGE are looking to utilise AI

We’re a creative agency that is always looking to remain at the cutting EDGE of technology, and that means adapting to the advancing needs of our industry.

However, while we may utilise AI to speed up the labour-intensive content creation from scratch, we will certainly be ploughing this regained time into additional strategy and outreach, giving clients a better service and more value for their budget! Our clients expect the best from us, and we are here to deliver exactly that.

From the implementation of full content strategies and strategy management to website redesigns and social media planning, we will handle all your marketing needs in one go.

Our adaptable SEO agency in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, helps clients across the country improve the results of their marketing efforts.

Looking to get an edge over the competition? Get in touch with our marketing specialists by emailing or by calling the office on 0121 355 8092 today!


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