How Should A B2B Business Approach Credentials Documents?

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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What you need to know when approaching your credential document:

One of the most important, and yet hardest aspects of the B2B services industry is acquiring new clients and partners to work with. No matter what you provide, you will have competition in your industry somewhere, and you need a way to prove that you’re the best option.

One way to help you stand out above the crowd is to produce a credentials document. A credentials document is essentially a CV for your business that shows off the work you’ve done in the past, supporting the fact that you’re the right choice for your potential client.

But what should your credentials document look like, and what should you include in it? Read on to find out more.

A credentials document can help you secure more clients

In simple terms, a credentials document is a collection of previous work your business has undertaken to reflect your business credentials. It is essentially undeniable proof that your business is up for any task a potential client could give to you.

A credentials document will help you shine in comparison to the competition, as it will show potential clients exactly what you can do. Typically, a credentials document will include a brief introduction of your business and the team, along with several examples of prior work to help show why you’re the best choice.

You can use these examples to show your flexibility, adaptability, and specialities when approaching all types of client work, or to show off specific examples that may appeal to the needs of a new client.

Unlike a CV, however, credentials documents are typically quite long, as they need to reflect the range of services you can provide and show plenty of information in an engaging way. This is why the design of your credentials document is so important.

What should a credentials document look like?

While a credentials document has no set structure, it’s important that you make a powerful first impression. In business, your first impression could be the difference between securing a partnership and not. That’s why you need to consider the layout and design of your credentials document, even before you choose what to include in it.

Your document should be engaging, impactful, and smartly laid out without information or design overload. The focus should be on your credentials, meaning that your prospective client should be able to easily read the most important information without the page feeling overcrowded. Plus, it should be branded appropriately and formatted according to how you want it to be viewed, either in print form or online.

To do this effectively every time, you may wish to create a credentials document template which you can edit depending on the client you wish to appeal to. By setting up an easily editable credentials document example, you can maximise your efficiency with every pitch.

Choose your projects depending on the client’s needs and wants

Your credentials document is an opportunity to push the unique selling points of your business as well as appealing directly to the client. You may choose to include some information on your management structure, business ideals, or a brief history of your company if they are relevant for the client you are appealing to.

Arguably more important, though, are the specific pieces of work you wish to include in your document. When choosing them, it might be worth looking through your “credential deck”. But what is a credential deck? Every project your business has ever worked on is another “card” in the proverbial deck, giving you a range of examples to choose from when showcasing your talents.

Take the time to go through all the work your business has done, especially if you have documented case studies of certain examples and choose those which may be the most appropriate for each potential client.

For example, you may have completed a project for a client in the past who shares an industry with your prospective client, or perhaps you have an example of exactly what this new client is looking for.

Proving that you can work to the specific needs of a new client with concrete evidence is invaluable when they come to make their final decision.

Have we missed something? Read more about what credentials documents should include.

We can help build your credentials document

If you aren’t sure how to structure your credentials document or which pieces of prior work you should include for a potential client, we can help. As integrated marketing specialists, we know how to effectively advertise your business.

Whether you’d like a credentials document template which you can edit for each potential client, or a bespoke credential document for a specific purpose, get in touch. To find out more about our credentials document service, please call us on 0121 355 8092 or email our Client Services Director at


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