Bolt of Lightning: The Anthem

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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This week has marked the exciting release of Bolt of Lightning: The Anthem, created by the combined talents at Music Village. Pulling inspiration from the fast and offbeat rhythms of Ska, Producer/Writer Kev Connolly recreates the trials and tribulations of the Olympic Games to commemorate the first anniversary of the worlds leading International sporting event.

The Olympic track focuses on the reigning champion and Jamaican born athlete, Usain Bolt. His triumphant victory at the Men’s 100 Metres was watched by over 20 million people around the world as he broke Olympic world records, all whilst his shoelace was untied.

The Anthem features the warm and soulful vocals of singer-songwriter Wayne Lawrence and in contrast, dark machine-gun rapping from the talented Romo.

If Ska isn’t really your thing, fear not, we present to you a killer Club Mix that has been getting 10/10 reviews in the Clubs.

Kev Connolly’s love of music shines through this track, presenting the heart and soul that he has clearly put into it. Kev’s record label Sunrise Records UK brought together Music Village to make it all happen and we are really glad he did!

Cheers Kev!

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