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Last edited 21 March, 2024
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When developing strategies for developing your business, it’s easy to overlook the impact of networking events.

An often underrated and sometimes completely overlooked aspect of business growth and marketing is networking – the process of meeting and conversing with other business professionals.

At EDGE, we have experienced first-hand the benefits and value that professional networking and collaboration can bring to you and your businesses. That’s why we regularly create, host, and manage various types of networking events for our clients, partners, and prospects. These events are designed to build new relationships and expand your connections, adding value and bringing a multitude of benefits.

Read on to learn more about our business networking events across Birmingham, Solihull, and the wider West Midlands, and how attending these events could help both business growth and personal development.

Leadership Essentials: Building Networks at EDGE Creative

As a leading marketing agency in Birmingham, we know what it takes to grow and develop businesses, both new and established. Networking is a crucial aspect of brand development for several key reasons, including business collaboration, increased sales, recruitment, improving partnership and supplier relationships, and much more.

We manage and host a full range of business networking events that are designed to instigate debates, encourage knowledge sharing, and build rapport between business leaders, professionals, and industries.

They are remarkably successful and have become the catalyst for several business partnerships for EDGE Creative and our clients. Our friendly team always give a warm welcome and support guests with personal introductions to businesses that will be of interest to connect with.

At an EDGE event, you can expect to meet upwards of 100 other industry leaders, many of which from Birmingham and the surrounding areas, though we often have guests attending from across the UK. From boardrooms to hotels and client premises, we ensure our venues are high calibre and accessible with good transport links, parking, and hospitality facilities.

The Benefits of Business Networking Events

Networking is more than just sharing a drink or two with other business professionals. It should form an essential part of your business growth strategy. It will help develop several aspects of your business, for example:


First and foremost, you will be able to connect, learn from, and partner with other businesses in the same, or even different, fields than you. Having an outlet to spread the word of your products or services is essential, especially if your work is predominantly B2B.


Word can spread quickly, especially in business. If you offer a unique product or service, or if you’re highly reviewed in a B2B space, then speaking with other business professionals is an excellent way to grow brand recognition.

Business leaders enjoy helping each other out. If enamoured with your methods or even just after an interesting conversation, you may find those you’ve spoken to passing your name around to others!

There’s no better way to stay at the cutting EDGE of your industry than to interact with other forward-thinking, proactive, and trustworthy business professionals.

Everyone’s daily business challenges vary so having an established personal network to lean on adds so much value and support. Also, being on hand to give back to others also brings many rewards in itself.

Building relationships in business is a key part of maintaining business growth and ensuring long-term success.

Knowing the ‘right people’ can help provide you with better access to resources, such as funding or industry-specific needs. An endorsement from a trusted contact will save you time and money during this process.

The Specifics: EDGE Networking Events

We offer several different types of networking opportunities to help you start building business connections easily and effectively, from larger sponsored events to boardroom leadership discussions and online industry topic-based sessions.

Firstly, our events are free to clients and partners, hosted every couple of months across Birmingham and Solihull, each with its own theme and sponsors at one of our partnered venues. Find out about our forthcoming events by signing up to our mailing list today!

The leadership discussions we host regularly are thought-provoking and successfully designed to help business leaders collaborate and provide useful industry insights which are ideal for newcomers. The topics ignite debates and challenge thinking around the table, everyone takes something new and useful away with them – something they can use in their own business.

Did you know that we recently started a new, exclusive networking event called “The Circle” to meet the demands of having a regular presence in Solihull? We are co-hosting this with Brookvale Development Specialists, Glenn Clarke Financial Planning, Smart Homes, Buckles Law, Forecast Finance, and Harry’s Bar.

It has been carefully cultivated to create and develop a local business network that allows like-minded professionals and business leaders to connect and collaborate for mutual growth. Since its launch, The Circle LinkedIn group has gained over 190 members and is continuously growing thanks to referrals and connections being made.

We would like also to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, sponsors and partners for playing a key role in our networking success, especially those who have sponsored our events.

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Mark Panayides

Managing Director

Mark is Managing Director at EDGE Creative, and a true people person, has exceptional talent for forging collaborative relationships, which are a key driver for our exclusive networking events with client sponsors. With an extensive background in print, Mark has been thriving in the industry for several decades.