Content marketing and tone of voice

As a content marketing leader, you will experience 7.8% more website traffic than non-leaders. To increase website traffic, it’s essential that your wider business strategy incorporates a content marketing process that provides relevant and interesting pieces of content to your target audience. Interacting with your audience through informative and relevant content enhances brand recognition and business reputation while simultaneously creating a channel to nurture long-term engagement and customer retention. As well as this, content marketing will work alongside your search engine optimisation, or SEO processes to ensure that your website generates more traffic, increasing leads, sales and money.

What is content marketing

The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain your target audience by creating relevant and valuable content. It is a form of inbound marketing that involves creating valuable information with structured timing and targeting to raise brand awareness and generate traffic to your website to convert your audience into customers. It is one of the most versatile tools and can be adapted to fit a range of various objectives and audiences.

It includes the creation and sharing of materials such as blog posts, whitepaper documents and videos and it can also support other marketing channels such as SEO or social media marketing. This is because the content created, and keywords used is vital in optimising your website for search engines and engaging with your target audience on social platforms. In the hands of experienced marketers, your content can be tailored to engage with your audience at every stage of their buyer’s journey.

How do EDGE approach content?

In order to properly execute a successful content marketing strategy, it’s important to understand your audience and identify the subjects that are relevant to them. Understand where they are in their customer journey and use the most appropriate content forms and channels to reach them. This is a discipline that requires an integrated team of experts to deliver.

At EDGE Creative, our content creatives work with our SEO experts and design team to push your business into the limelight, giving you exposure and recognition while refining your brand identity and voice. We have over 15 years of experience in developing thorough content strategies that provide value to your target audience, making them want to convert into customers.

Our integrated team of marketers have developed the processes involved with our content marketing strategy, which has led to creation of a unique approach to content:

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6 Step approach to Content Marketing

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    Auditing your site & setting objectives

    It is vital that your content marketing processes align with your wider business goals, which is why it’s imperative that we audit your current content. Our marketing experts will provide a full audit that breaks down your content, assessing what information and value you are providing your audience. We will then look at your wider business goals and formulate a plan on how your content will help get you there.

  • 02

    Competitor investigation

    In order to get a fuller understanding of your position in the market, it is fundamental that we know who you are up against. We look at how your competitors use content, who they are targeting and what is working. These factors will illustrate how you can do it better.

  • 03

    Customer personas

    It is integral that your marketing strategy is aligned with your wider business goals. It’s therefore important that you are targeting the right people. A key part of our strategy is working to define your customers, so that we can tailor the content we create to them based on their position in the customer journey.

  • 04

    Keyword selection & traffic sources

    Targeting the right keywords is a crucial part of content marketing. Working with our in-house SEO team, we will determine the best keywords for your content to ensure that it ranks highly and draws traffic from search engines. Other traffic sources you may make use of include guest blogging processes and social media posts. We will choose the right route for your content marketing depending on your wider business goals. The use of the right channels to push your content out to will attract the right audience and convert them into leads for your business.

  • 05

    Content creation & optimisation

    Our in-house content creators construct perfectly crafted pieces of content, taking your target audience, business aims and traffic sources all into consideration. Their first point of call is always research. This way they can ensure valuable, informative and detailed content that answers the questions your audience is asking. It’s vital that after implementing your content marketing strategy, you stay up to date and continuously optimise your content over time. We keep your posts, blogs and other forms of content up to date as time passes and the world evolves. This way, your content continues to rank and brings traffic to your website.

  • 06

    Reporting & review

    Creating monthly reports allows you to understand how your strategy is performing and where we can afford to push a little more to yield great results. We continue to review our content marketing strategy together, making amendments where needed. Whether you need layout changes, copy edits or different CTA’s, we will ensure each page has the best conversion opportunities available.

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