Business on the Move Launch

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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Last Friday saw the launch of Business on the Move! An exciting event all around for both the Business on the Move team and ourselves, as the creators of their website and their social media campaign.

From the beginning of their journey in 2011 EDGE, have developed the business on the move website, as well as consulting and managing their social media presence and developing email marketing collateral. This allowed us to be instrumental in the culmination of a fantastic launch in London and we’re excited to continue working with Business on the Move as we look to an exciting future in partnership with them.

50 brands from across the supply chain have sponsored the innovative board game, Business on the Move, with the likes of John Lewis, Marks and Spencers, DHL, Unilever and Eddie Stobart.

EDGE Creative are part of that illustrious company and we’re now seeking to get schools all-aboard this modern-day steamliner as it sails across the country to give children a relevant education.

“EDGE Creative have been instrumental in developing our e-commerce website and social media presence, culminating in the creation of an online platform that helps spread our brand message and potential sales. The team at EDGE Creative have captured the excitement and creativity of the game within the website and we’re very proud of the final product. Great job.” 

– Andy Page, Director at Business on the Move

Take a look at our featured project to find out more about this fantastic venture and explore the website to track their journey so far and discover their exciting future.

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