Four Marketing Horrors to Avoid This Halloween

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In preparation for the upcoming Halloween, we’ve prepared a list of warnings to watch out for:

Halloween – we’re big fans of it at EDGE. For most, it’s a great excuse for eating as many sweets as possible, but for marketers, it’s also an excellent opportunity to really break out of the box when it comes to creativity.

At the moment, though, we feel that something is lacking in the usual list of Halloween tropes. We’ve all seen scary movies about zombies, ghosts and evil clones – but it’s safe to say that these aren’t going to be jumping out at you anytime soon.

What we’re talking about is the really scary stuff – marketing horrors, social media missteps and email campaign nightmares that will strike fear into the hearts of any marketing department around the world.

Frankly, we’re surprised they’ve not been featured in any blockbuster Halloween movies – so we’ve made some of our own…

The Curse of The Unread Blog

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this ghostly nightmare, you’ll understand the horror of pouring your efforts into a blog post only for no one to read it.

You can’t just throw in the towel when this keeps happening – blogging is super important to your search engine optimisation efforts. Actually, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website on average, so if you decide to give up, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential internet traffic.

How do you break the curse? Well, before deciding on the content you’d like to create, it’s important to research what people are searching for. Understanding the search terms people use and the questions they ask will come a long way in driving traffic to your blog.

You’ve also got to tell people about it. Whether you spread the word by sharing it on your social media profiles, sending an email to your clients, or just by shouting it from the rooftops – don’t let your blog be forgotten, or it’ll come back to haunt you.

The Attack of The Typo

The invention of the keyboard (or the modern evolution of the typewriter) is, obviously, a world-changer when it comes to the way we communicate. But with it comes a demon that’s feared amongst copywriters the world over: the typo.

If you’ve ever sent an email and spotted a horrendous mistake after it’s reached its sender, or seen one on a flyer you’ve already had printed, it’s likely you’ll have wished you’d checked it one last time. After all, spelling mistakes, typos and punctuation errors can make your content look unprofessional, and could even change the meaning of what you were originally trying to say.

Relevant content is king in this day and age of digital marketing. Give it the attention it deserves and talk to a content expert.

Invasion of The Website Hackers

This one can genuinely be pretty scary, because hackers and security vulnerabilities can make your site unusable, or even take it down.

Technology is evolving every single day, meaning plugins and website software needs to update to adapt to that evolution. With these updates come security patches to fix security vulnerabilities, meaning that leaving your website to fend for itself will result in more of these vulnerabilities being exposed.

You wouldn’t leave your office unlocked, so why leave your website, which is your online shop window, exposed? The key to avoiding an invasion to the best of your ability is to invest in the maintenance of your website – rather than paying to firefight problems when they happen.

The Things from Outer Space

We all hate the unfamiliar. What is SEO? How do I improve my CTA? What in the world is a crawler? Technology is changing every single day, and new software, platforms and the jargon that comes with it can sound totally alien.

This can be a real barrier to success if you’re looking to expand your marketing activity to the digital realm.

However, you don’t need to understand every last thing about digital marketing, because that’s our job. Consulting an agency means that you’ll have access to the knowledge and experience of a range of professionals who’ve been working with businesses like yours for years.

We also want you to understand the value of everything we do for you, so we’ll help you to understand our method without baffling you with SEO jargon and overly technical talk. If you need more help, we’ll offer training sessions – translating the alien mumbo jumbo to an explanation that’s a bit more down to earth.

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