How to use Facebook Advertising to Get Your Business Seen

Last edited 21 March, 2024
Social Media
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With Facebook’s organic reach hitting an all-time low and with recent reports declaring a hard cap at just 16%, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you’re amplifying your content so those valuable likes you’ve earned don’t go to waste!

Find out how to make sure your advertising is effective and on budget here:

1)      Set budget Limits – Facebook can be a little cheeky with how much budget it spends and when. Make sure you’ve set a maximum budget so you don’t get any unexpected bills.

2)      Be creative – It’s not news that Facebook users don’t want to see promotional content on their feeds. Be creative with your promoted posts and add value for users and will really draw them to a page like or link click.

3)      Target your audience – Facebook offers many options for targeting an at first it might seem sensible to target your current audience and their friends, however Facebook’s targeting option is a much more wise bet! This gives you the opportunity to filter your specific target audience by location, age, gender and even interests.

4)      Who, what where and WHEN – Timing is key, be sure to identify the right time to tap into your user base, early morning and early evening are the most active times on social media. So unless your industry requires, there’s not a whole lot of point in having your ad run through the night! To avoid this, use the lovely pause button that Facebook has on hand to manage your ad easily!

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