Instagram Setting the Trend

Last edited 21 March, 2024
Social Media
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One of the biggest recent trends, is the rise in visual marketing, particularly on Instagram.

Founded in 2010, Instagram became a medium for people to share exclusively photos and allowed them to get more creative with them. It was especially useful for amateur and professional photographers, as they could share their work efficiently and reach more people.

Instagram quickly gained popularity shortly after its birth due to the public being excited about a social network site dedicated to photos, and now has over 300 million users!

Its simplicity attracted a large audience and unlike Facebook, photos were not lost amongst multiple statuses, videos and adverts. This meant that posts had a much larger organic reach and brands loved that! This is apparent as Instagram posts get a lot more interaction than the same post on Facebook, as shown by retail giant, Nike.

In 2014, came the introduction of sponsored ads, which allowed brands to specifically target audiences to get the most out of their targeting. This allows businesses to market their products more efficiently and increase brand awareness.

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow and the number of businesses joining the social platform is ever increasing.

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