Why Print is Still an Essential Part of Your Marketing!

Last edited 21 March, 2024
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In a world that is all about digital, you might be thinking is print crucial to reach my audience? The answer is yes, for example, you want people to find you, you’ll need a sign outside the premises, along with menus, flyers, and promotional brochures etc. Print is all around and you might not know it.

So, here’s a list of reasons why print is crucial:

1. Branding 101

Does your brand stand out? Are you getting your name out there? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself about your brand.

People are more likely to go with a brand they recognise, and one of the only ways to get your brand recognised physically is to put it out there into the public domain. This can be done with posters, mugs, flyers, billboards, signs, print advertising, etc.

2. Is your brand recognisable?

The next hurdle is getting your brand seen and recognised. This can be achieved through having a set of brand colours, typefaces, and a logo. Having these elements in place means your brand flows from offline to online seamlessly.

Consistency is the key to a brands success. As part of being seen, you need to ensure that the little things are correct. For example, if your poster is getting printed, you need to ensure it is printed to the right size, that it’s legible for the public to understand and that it has been proof-read. Attention to detail is paramount, especially as once something is printed, mistakes can be costly.

3. Creating engagement

With any marketing the primary goal is engagement. With print being a trusted form of marketing, this may be easier to obtain. To gain engagement through print, you need to keep in mind the following factors: your printed material needs to be attention grabbing, it needs to represent your brand effortlessly and it needs to be valuable to the target audience.

4. Reaching the right segments

With print, you can reach the right marketing segment by simply knowing where your audience is. Taking the time to understand your audience, can help you to reach them effectively with targeted print marketing.

5. Reaching out to your audience

Niche marketing can be difficult as you are not marketing to the masses and you need to make your content valuable, so your audience will pay attention. In addition to this, you need to find out where your product or service will work, what your competitors are doing and where they are advertising, to gauge the best way to get your message out on the right channels.

It’s important to get your brand out there on as many channels as possible. Print allows you to get your message heard offline and create a synergy with your online marketing activity.

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Kelly Kent

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