Why should you use a marketing agency?

Last edited 15 February, 2023
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This is a big and often complex decision, so we have outlined what it means to use an agency as an extension to your marketing department, and a few reasons why we at EDGE Creative think choosing an agency like ours is the right option.

What does it mean to use a marketing agency?

If you choose to work with a marketing agency like ours, you have the freedom to choose how much/what the agency does for you and your company. This ranges from individual, ad-hoc projects as and when you need them, to assisting with your business’ entire marketing strategy.

At EDGE, we have a wide range of specialists in our team, so with our expertise, we can provide a huge variety of services to support you in elevating your marketing. Whether you need your website designed, your social media managed or your brand completely re-developed (or anything in between), we are here to help.

Most importantly, we develop an overall marketing strategy tailored to your business – taking into account and developing the overarching vision and objective your company has. This wide-ranging and versatile expertise is difficult to build with an in-house team, and if you are a small company in particular, trying to source, train and employ such a variety of talents is simply not feasible or cost-efficient.

Why should you use a marketing agency as an extension of your marketing department?

  1. Flexibility

This is one of the most important benefits of hiring the support of a marketing agency. Agencies provide a multi-disciplined team who will be able to work on a wide variety of projects, of any size or scope. Agencies, whatever their size, have a wide range of skills, which means they are versatile and able to adapt. At EDGE, we work to suit you.

  1. Creativity

Using a marketing agency brings even more creativity to the table. Marketing agencies offer a fresh pair of eyes on a project, and sometimes an external viewpoint is necessary to find the right solution.

Marketing agencies tend to work with a variety of clients in a broad range of industries, from financial services to charity and more, which encourages a cross-pollination of ideas. This cross-pollination means that agencies are able to provide exciting and new ideas for your company’s marketing.

Some people may be concerned that using an agency means a loss of control. This is simply not the case, there are just more creative minds working on it together – you are still very involved in the project. At EDGE, we meet regularly with our clients, organising weekly catch-up calls and regular review meetings, functioning as an extension of their marketing department. At these meetings a variety of topics are discussed, including new ideas and the overall strategy.

  1. Staying on trend

It is important to stay on top of, and be aware of, current marketing trends. These trends can be integrated into your marketing strategy and produce better results overall. It is often easier for marketing agencies to stay on top of the trends and recommend the best of the bunch for you to implement. Trends can be creative or technological, and most recently have included changes in algorithms such as Facebook and Google. These changes affect the way your company’s posts are seen – so as a result we helped our clients alter the way they advertised and operated on those platforms to minimise the effect of the changes.

  1. Cost efficiency

If you use a marketing agency you don’t have to worry about ensuring your team has the right experience for each task, you don’t have to train or recruit employees, and you don’t have to worry if your marketing tasks vary massively.

Hiring an external agency is often the most cost-effective way to do your marketing. They have all the knowledge you want, at their fingertips. A marketing agency’s whole job is marketing – their business revolves around it, so they have the team and skills on hand for any marketing job or query that you have.

A key advantage of an agency, as well as the quality of the work and the value, is that you can pay when you need thework – you do not need to pay salaries and training all year round for a team of staff. Instead, when you have work that needs to be done you can outsource it and then stop paying when the work is finished.

Working with EDGE

At EDGE we work with each client to tailor the services we offer to their needs, whatever they may be. We offer the full service; we are responsive, flexible, supportive, approachable and comprehensive. We deliver projects, asking the right questions along the way to achieve the best outcome. We get to know your business and view ourselves as an extension of your marketing department.

If you are considering outsourcing your marketing to an external agency, please give us a call on 0121 355 8092 or send us an email: info@edge-creative.com to book a review meeting.


Louise Panayides

Creative Director

With a huge ambition to set up her own agency since the age of 18, Creative Director Louise founded EDGE Creative in 2004. Louise has been driven by her creative flair from the beginning, with a passion for building brands from the ground up.

Louise loves developing relationships with people and understanding the driving forces behind the clients we engage with. Marketing never loses its excitement for Louise, and she is proud to have developed such an excellent company culture. Fuelled by creative ideas and very strong cups of coffee, Louise’s life is enriched by music, her puppy Luna and getting outside for hiking, photography, and travelling to her favourite place in the world – Montenegro!