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Last edited 9 April, 2024
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Accessibility is key when attracting new customers to your business and its services. Putting your business on a map is vital for increasing this, especially with mobile phones providing instant access to your business at the touch of a button. So, let’s talk location!

Are you positioned in a concrete jungle, where your customers struggle to find your business entrance? Perhaps you’re setting up a pop-up shop or store and want to ensure customers know your exact location, or maybe your business has multiple assets or worksites and precise locations would support with your daily operations.

Whether you’re a small or large business owner, there’s a solution to these problems. Meet what3words!

No matter what industry you exist within, what3words can improve a wide range of elements within your business.

What is it?

what3words is location made simple. With what3words, the world is split into a grid, where each square is 3 meters and has an exclusive code made up of 3 words.

Not one square is the same, making it an ideal feature for businesses everywhere. Your 3-word code is unique to each area. It’s that simple!

How can it benefit my business?

There are many benefits to using what3words and its location precision, such as ensuring that your business is not only easy for customers to find, but also in that it offers exact locations for separate areas of your company.

By taking the hassle out of navigation with a unique and definitive service that provides your customers or clients, as well as your workers, delivery drivers or suppliers, with an exact location, you can:

Increase the customer experience

When you incorporate what3words into your business structure effectively, it can help translate to an improved customer experience.

Firstly, customers will be more satisfied if they can easily locate your business, reducing the number of customers who struggle to locate your business entrance, as you can provide them with an exact location for this.

Secondly, if you integrate what3words into your daily business operations effectively, it can cut the time taken to deliver to clients or receive products from suppliers, helping to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Be more time efficient & cut costs

Being resourceful with your time as a business is a strategic way to ensure business success – not only can it help you cut costs, but it can also encourage a growth in your annual income.

This is applicable across all industries, especially in those such as logistics, where remaining time efficient is key to meeting your clients’ expectations – but how does what3words support with this?

Exact locations also make for more precise delivery locations, and with what3words, you can reduce the time spent around delivering your products or receiving deliveries. Likewise, this can help minimise the time taken to locate business assets or arrive at a client meeting.

what3words client, Bean 14 Coffee, found that ‘what3words cut overall delivery times by 10 to 15%.”.

Additionally, companies that have multiple offices, buildings or warehouses, can also use what3words to quickly locate assets and worksites, as well as more efficiently direct team members to different locations, increasing your workforce’s capabilities!

what3words can also make meeting deadlines easier by cutting out the time wasted when addresses lead to inaccurate locations.

How does it work?

After downloading the app and creating an account, you can easily locate, share, and save locations. Enter a place name or street address into the search bar and choose the correct result.

You can also switch to ‘satellite mode’ where you can then zoom in until you see the grid. To see the what3words address, tap on the square.

The benefits beyond business

The 3-word feature is also useful beyond business needs – socially the feature is brilliant for meeting with co-workers and friends. Meeting up with colleagues or friends is smoother than ever when you drop a what3words address for them!

How can EDGE Creative help?

EDGE Creative can support any businesses that want to integrate what3words into their marketing strategy, from setting it up to incorporating the feature on your website.

As an integrated digital marketing agency in Birmingham, we are focused on optimising your business by utilising the latest business features. We are continuously looking for ways to support small businesses, and that includes putting them on the map and increasing their accessibility.

Get in touch to discuss how we can incorporate what3words into your business’s marketing strategy today!

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