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Last edited 7 February, 2023
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In this post, we’ll cover the following:

“It’s just not something that’s worked for us in the past” — it’s something we hear a lot of when talking to new clients about marketing. They know they need a marketing strategy, they’re ready and willing to embrace it but they’ve been disappointed by results (or lack of them).

For the most part, there’s a reason for that – they’ve never experienced good marketing. You see, when it works, when there is a cohesive approach across the many strands and joined up thinking from everyone involved, marketing can reap huge rewards.


Well, it starts with a relationship. Would you expect someone you’d never met to be able to talk about what makes you, you? Whoever is tasked with developing and promoting your brand, whether that be an in-house marketing manager or a whole team of creatives at a marketing agency, must know your business inside out.

That’s something we’re pretty serious about at EDGE Creative. Since forming in 2004, we’ve always ensured the message we’re putting out through our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, content and even events really drills down into the ethos of our clients.

Next comes the collective element. You see, the secret to effective marketing is consistency, and that’s only achievable if everyone is on the same page – from the tech superstar working to make your website high functioning, easy to navigate and striking in design and the SEO wizards analysing Google algorithms and rankings to the graphic designers making sure your marketing materials stand out and the strategist helping to develop your brand. Why? Because if that’s not happening, your brand automatically becomes weaker.

At EDGE, we can deliver a holistic approach to your marketing needs. With our team of designers, web developers, social media experts, brand specialists, and content writers, we can ensure every aspect of your marketing campaign is on brand and on point!

Effective marketing takes forward-thinking. There’s no getting away from the fact technology is changing the way we live, work and play. What’s more, it’s changing how we connect and interact. We’ve got some of the brightest minds who can devise and implement digital campaigns that will entice and excite potential customers. Meanwhile, our web designers can create eye-catching, high functioning websites that your customers will want to engage with. If you think a basic website is all you need, think again – according to Forbes 38% of consumers will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive while, 39% will stop engaging if images won’t load.

Finally, of course, it takes creativity. At EDGE, we work with a whole range of clients from a whole variety of industries. As a result we know what’s happening across many markets. We’re seeing new trends and styles and their influence on consumers all the time. We’re constantly being inspired, which is something that doesn’t necessarily happen with an in-house team working on the same things day in, day out. We can bring that inspiration and creativity to your business.


Things like Brand Awareness

Effective marketing campaigns can raise awareness of your brand considerably. The right firm can put your brand – and your message – in front of the people you want to see it. EDGE Creative is an industry standard, full service, integrated agency, meaning we’ll build a marketing campaign that delivers results.

Things Like Growth

As a result of good marketing you’ll be reaching a bigger audience. Using a combination of email campaigns (which alone are proven to have a return on investment of 122%), social media, events, brand development and website design, we can ensure you’re reaching all the right people all of the time.

Things Like Customer Loyalty

Let’s face it; we choose firms because we like them – whether we’re talking about where we shop, who we bank with or what we buy. When we don’t like a firm we vote with our feet!

Effective marketing can help you to connect with your customers on many levels, building a relationship and a connection, essentially boosting customer loyalty and expanding your customer base.

Things Like Search Engine Rankings

The right campaign and effective SEO can boost your business in Google’s rankings. Why does that matter? Well, studies have shown firms who are top of the first page on Google get more than 50% of traffic. For the fifth spot however that number falls to 4%.

At EDGE Creative, creativity is in our blood. We get excited by ideas! We’re not simply fulfilling a marketing requirement, as is often the case with in house marketing functions, we’re putting our everything into your campaign. Why? Because we love it! We’re passionate about building your brand. We work with clients from across the globe, from SMEs to huge brands. We fall in love with all of them and work our hardest to deliver amazing results.

— Louise Panayides, Founder and Creative Director, EDGE Creative

At EDGE, our experience and expertise has meant we’ve been able to attract clients from a huge range of industries but I think the great thing about our team – and, indeed, the feedback we get from our clients supports this – is that when we work with a business we devote ourselves to them, so much so that our team becomes an extension of yours. We’re YOUR marketing team and we’ll work with you to develop your brand and take your business to incredible places.

— Karen O’Donovan, Client Services Director, EDGE Creative

Effective marketing takes creativity, passion, innovation and, most importantly, joined up thinking. At EDGE we’ve built up a reputation for having it all. Get in touch today to see how we can work together to take your company further than you ever thought it could go.

If using an external agency sounds like the right move for you, and why wouldn’t it? Call EDGE Creative on 0121 355 8092 to discuss your options with a professional.


Ellena Yapp

Content Manager

Ellena started working at EDGE in March 2021, after deciding to pursue her passion for the written word. She hopes to develop a rewarding career in digital marketing, specifically content writing, and is very excited to grow as part of the EDGE team.