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Edgbaston Priory Club


Edgbaston Priory Club is a private sports club in the heart of Birmingham. The club has over 130 years of history and dates back to the very birth of lawn tennis.

Set within historic grounds, the club boasts almost 15 acres of natural beauty just five miles from Birmingham’s dynamic city centre and offers members a variety of sports, lifestyle, and wellness facilities – making it the perfect place to train, play, relax and unwind.

Our relationship with the club began in 2013, when we created characters for their Junior Tennis Open. Since then, we’ve worked with the business on multiple projects, including the launch of the family membership area and their eight year strategy plan documentation and video.

The Task:

The club wanted to build the junior members area as a membership for families, to be an encompassing offer for all family members and increase the involvement of families.

To ensure we met their objectives, our brilliant team of designers set to work utilising core brand colours and themes to develop a junior members area full of bright, engaging characters representing different age brackets.

Building on the clubs’ signature phoenix logo, our designers crafted three junior members bands – Hatchlings (0-5), Fledglings (5-11) and Phoenixes (11+) to ensure that mascots were engaging and representative of each age bracket. Designed with the members in mind, the junior members area represents the abundance of sporting and wellness activities for children of all ages, as well as activities for parents of young children to join in with.

The launch of the family membership area is part of the club’s plans for the next eight years. This eight-year’s strategy document was designed by our design team and afterwards, our content team in partnership with CMA Video, turned it into a video that would be shared with their members, highlighting the future of the club.

The Result:

The updated Edgbaston Priory Club junior members area reflects their position as a club for the whole family. The site has been built to cater to parents and children, through creches that enable parents to work out and relax knowing their children are well looked after, and with exciting characters to engage the younger members.

Graphic design plays a vital role in the marketing environment and creates a competitive edge for businesses. Our team of skilled designers built the junior members area with core brand colours in mind to effectively communicate the concept and ideas to the club’s target audience.

In addition to the website, our creatives designed graphics for timetables, flyers, posters, bags and more, to communicate and share the brand message. Our work led to a positive outcome for the client who delighted members with the new family area.

Just like the updated junior members area, it was important that the eight-years strategy document transmitted the feel of the club, where it is heading and what the future would mean to the members. Our design team took this challenge and created a 15-page document with the Edgbaston Priory Club strategy plan that reflected how the club wants to be perceived for the following years. As an integrated agency, we were able to not only design the document that would meet the client’s request but also storyboard and produce a video that would take the essence of what was written into a video format.

Our partnership with CMA Video allows us to combine our storyboarding and in-house animation work with their directing, filming, and editing team to create an engaging video for the members focused on what the club meant to them and how they felt about the new direction that the club was taking.

Julie O’Hare, Head of Experience at Edgbaston Priory Club commented:

“We were very happy with the work EDGE undertook for our eight years strategy document, especially the video produced in partnership with CMA. It has proved to be a great communication tool, sharing exactly what we wanted to communicate to our members about our future strategic direction and how we want them to feel about being a member of the club. The video seamlessly delivers the across the different media channels. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the final result.”

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