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Sutton Tutorials are a specialised provider of private tuition to help students in Sutton Coldfield prepare for grammar school entrance exams, primarily offering one-to-one sessions and mock exam sessions. They also provide help with GCSE and A-Level exam preparation.

They help prepare students using tailored teaching methods to help strengthen the areas in which a student might be struggling. Sutton Tutorials pride themselves on the bespoke learning approach they undertake, allowing them to focus on the needs of the individual, including detailed feedback and action points to help each student reach their maximum potential.

The Task

Sutton Tutorials approached EDGE with the goal of increasing the number of students booking in to sit mock exams, which usually take place between March and August, prior to the academic year. They usually have just under 100 students taking mock exams in August, each of whom then benefit from the tailored and specific feedback their tutors give back.

Before we could increase the number of students taking these exams, we first needed to understand how Sutton Tutorials were handling their marketing and outreach efforts. We conducted a website audit to analyse its functionality, whether it was fit for purpose, and how to improve it.

Following our audit, we added a third colour to their palette to improve the look of the website and to draw more attention to CTA’s, which were previously hidden by similar colour choices. Next, we identified several ways to increase internal linking opportunities and added E-commerce tracking capabilities into their analytics.

Lastly, we set up several targeted Google Ads campaigns, starting with a Performance Max campaign to increase awareness of Sutton Tutorials through relevant audience interests, followed by a targeted Search campaign to attract users via specific queries.

The Results

We have seen positive results from our work with Sutton Tutorials. The Performance Max campaign twinned with the improvements we made to the website quickly generated 87 conversions from a broader, target audience, resulting in an average cost-per-click of just 53p.

Utilising the data we gathered from the initial Performance Max campaign, the Search campaign generated a huge 14.8% conversion rate after just one month which resulted in an increase of 86% in conversions.

The first mock exam hosted by Sutton Tutorials this year had a 27.2% increase in students compared to the same exam in the previous year, while the second mock exam session saw a 62.3% increase in students.

We will continue to adapt our advertisement work over the coming months as our partnership with Sutton Tutorials develops, and we are excited to see where our partnership will take us.

It has been a pleasure working with the team at Edge Creative, and special thanks to Lydia and Karen for all their support. They have worked to really understand our needs and requirements, and the results have been fantastic.

They understand the world of paid advertising better than anyone else I have worked with before and as a small business, this element of hand holding and being guided effectively has been key.

We look forward to continuing working with the team at Edge in the future. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Richard Thorsby Richard Thorsby

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