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Founded in 1994, Maverick TV is an award-winning UK-based television production company that specialises in reality tv shows, documentaries and entertainment formats for broadcasters across the globe. They are considered one of the leading TV production companies and have produced many of the UK’s most popular tv shows including ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, ‘How to Look Good Naked’ and ‘Fifth Gear’.

The Task

We were tasked with refreshing Maverick’s branding and stationery. Being a large brand who are well-known to their audience, they wanted the brand refresh to be sympathetic towards their icon and brand colour so that it was still recognisable to their audience.

The brand colour was a particularly important part of Maverick’s history and was unique to them and we needed to manage this for brand consistency.

Along the way, we created several different design adaptations for Maverick to choose from. To involve the client throughout the journey we presented the refresh in several stages, starting with sketches and line drawings and finally moving on to full colour and stationery mockups to see what the execution would look like.

We had to consider the logo from many aspects as it would be animated for the TV end credits, printed for stationery and other marketing, and needed to work on many different scales.

Maverick was also looking for a fresh approach to the digital website banners used to promote their popular shows including The Gadget Show, Embarrassing Bodies and Fifth Gear, that connected with their audience but also complimented their desired new brand refresh.

The Results

Maverick chose to work with us because of our specialist knowledge and precision in colour management in regard to spot colour, full colour and digital which came in as we balanced the colour depending on the medium.

We utilised the expertise of our talented design team to ensure that we refreshed their brand identity in a way that met their requirements and transferred to both print and digital formats.

We understood the importance of maintaining elements of their identity that represented their history and was still recognisable to their existing audience.

The final logo selected by Maverick was chosen because it was versatile and encapsulated their brand values. Our success in getting the logo right for the client led to new stationery, business cards and digital website banners Maverick used to promote its most popular shows.

Our excellent management of the project also meant we were Maverick’s chosen supplier for their LA office.

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