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Once you have gained visitors to your website, it’s vital that you have efficient conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies in place to gain traction, increase leads and improve your bottom line. CRO is not just about making small adjustments to a landing page, it’s also about testing variations of your copy, altering your forms and developing a thorough strategy in order to develop meaningful conversion gains.
With 3 out of 4 consumers now noticing retargeting adverts (Invespcro), remarketing has become a solution to reach your target audience and increase conversion rates. Remarketing works as a tool to advertise your services to people who are already familiar with your company, giving them a gentle nudge to convert. Using remarketing as part of your CRO strategy increases brand exposure, increases engagement and creates a better return on investment. In fact, customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of increasing the amount of website visitors who take a desired action. This desired action may be anything, from filling in a form and enquiring about your services to becoming a customer. The CRO process involves understanding how your visitors are using your website, what actions they are taking and what is preventing them from completing your goals.

The remarketing process involves tracking your audience’s online movements and remarketing to them with specific adverts. When someone visits your website, a few lines of code will drop an anonymous cookie in that user’s browser. This cookie will track the site visit, and when the user leaves your website, the cookie will tell your ad platform. This will then leave carefully targeted ads in the browser, nudging the customers to come back to your website and convert.

How do EDGE approach CRO & Remarketing?

As a digital agency, we have over 15 years’ experience in creating digital campaigns that encourage users to convert. Our expert team are pioneers in using remarketing to boost conversion rates, while raising your business’s reputation, visibility and bottom line. As a business, we aim to make every interaction with your audience a meaningful one. We do this by:

How EDGE approach CRO & Remarketing

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    Segmenting your audience lists allows for high-value remarketing. Factors such as time on site, number of pages visited, and specific page visits all count as important factors to consider when segmenting your audience. The more specific you can be when separating out your lists, the more specific and personalised your marketing can be. Driven by data, we will start aligning your audience into likelihood of conversion in order to allocate your budget most effectively.

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    Different pages on your website will offer your audience something unique. For example, if customers are adding items to their shopping cart, but abandoning it, you will need to encourage conversions in a different way to someone who has only visited the Meet the Team page. Using this data combined with your customer personas, we will pinpoint the areas of your buyer’s journey where key decisions will be made. This allows us to develop a marketing funnel and provide your audience with the necessary information needed depending in order to encourage conversion and finalise the process.

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    The creative strategy behind your remarketing process is just as important as the development of the marketing funnel. Curate compelling ad copy alongside creative imagery to grab your audience’s attention and gather success in your campaigns. You should ensure that your creative is relevant to your target audience in the correct stage of their customer journey with your business’s brand guidelines and with a compelling call to action. In doing so, you ensure that every interaction is meaningful.

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    Creating different types of ads for your remarketing campaign is important in reaching as many people as possible. We will test the formats, platforms and sizes so that we can see which works best for your campaign. Once on your page, we will then test to see how the visitors convert. If you are gathering high amounts of traffic from the remarketing ads, but conversions aren’t as high as we would like, we will then test how else we can increase conversion rates. Whether it’s by changing copy, amending the layout of the landing page or changing the call to action completely, we will test different methods in order to increase the numbers for you and your business.

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    As with all things digital, the landscape is constantly changing. With us as your remarketing and CRO partner, you don’t need to worry about algorithmic changes or social media guidelines. We will handle all of this for you, updating your ads and landing pages regularly as search engines evolve.

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Not sure who or where you should be targeting with your remarketing strategy? Don’t worry. There’s a range of different factors you may consider. Whether it’s nudging specific website visitors into converting or placing your ads where they will be seen, we can help you with them all.


That’s enough about what we can do, here’s how we did it for our clients:


H&G Recruitment are a national organisation who specialise in recruitment for HGV drivers, warehouse operatives and other supply chain roles in the logistics sector. They have branches across the UK, which allows them to provide both temporary and permanent staff with roles.

We worked with H&G Recruitment in order to increase job applications. Through social media advertising and targeted Google Ads campaigns, we were able to lead applicants to relevant job listing pages, encouraging them to convert.
Our CRO processes took the previous conversion rate of the old website from 0.57% to 3.15% – an improvement of 450%. H&G Recruitment continues to perform and improve month on month as more job seekers learn about what H&G can offer. In order to find out more, click here.

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